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Welcome to Democrats Abroad San Miguel de Allende!

We want our members to know, that we are here in support of our membership and mission, to help U.S. citizens living abroad stay informed and exercise their right to vote and will continue to do so in future U.S. elections. We also offer fun, social events, as well as opportunities to participate as a volunteer each year. Check out our events page HERE!  We are currently not holding in person events due to Covid-19. San Miguel is lucky to have a vibrant, diverse community of active U.S. citizens.

If we can help in any way, please reach out to us!

¡Bienvenido a el San Miguel de Allende Chapter de Democrats Abroad México!

Queremos que nuestros miembros sepan que estamos aquí para ayudar al grupo y su misión - apoyar a ciudadanos americanos en el extranjero a mantenerse informados para que puedan ejercer su derecho al voto. Seguiremos haciendo esto en todas futuras elecciones estadounidenses. También ofrecemos divertidos eventos sociales así como oportunidades para participar como voluntario cada año. Dale clic a la página de eventos AQUÍ!  San Miguel tiene la fortuna de contar con una comunidad vibrante y diversa de dichos ciudadanos americanos.

Si en algo podemos apoyarte, ¡no dudes en contactarnos!



Hope Bradberry
Chair, San Miguel de Allende
Contact me here!



DA San Miguel de Allende Leadership:

Hope Bradberry
| DA Mexico Member-at-Large / Communications Chair / DPCA Voting Representative / DA San Miguel de Allende Chapter Chair
Gary Belkin
| Chapter Vice-Chair 2021-2023
John Bradberry
| DA - Mexico Treasurer / DA SMA Treasurer 2021-2023
Laura Kuykendall
| Parliamentarian 2021-2023
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    We are The Democracy Party!

    By Larry Barber, DA SMA Executive Board Member

    We’re Democrats, yes, but in this unprecedented time for our country, we are also, nearly alone, the party of democracy. That’s why it’s important to vote and help other overseas Democrats vote. We’re activists. We’re Democrats Abroad.

    Make no mistake: this mid-term is the first of two elections that will determine whether the United States of America is a country in which each citizen gets a vote or a country which has fallen into fascism and minority rule. Those are the stakes this November and in 2024. “A dagger at the throat of democracy,” said President Biden on the anniversary of the January 6 attempted coup. 

    Look at facts on the ground. Republicans in the US Senate just voted down the John Lewis Voting Rights bill. According to a Washington Post analysis, the GOP’s national push to enact hundreds of new election restrictions could constrain every available method of voting for tens of millions of Americans. This is potentially the most sweeping contraction of ballot access in the United States since the end of Reconstruction, when Southern states curtailed the voting rights of formerly enslaved Black men. In 43 states across the country, Republican lawmakers have proposed at least 250 laws that would limit mail, early in-person, and Election Day voting. The plan involves stricter ID requirements, limited voting hours, eliminating ballot drop-boxes, closing polling places in Democratic areas, or narrower eligibility to vote absentee. Republican state legislators, echoing Trump’s false claims that the election was stolen from him, are pushing hard to cheat their way to victory. Aside from the “former guy” not admitting his electoral defeat by President Biden, a number of GOP candidates around the country are also refusing to concede defeat in races where a winner has been declared or they’ll clearly lose. Again, as President Biden said on January 6, “You cannot love your country only when you win.”

    There is more: Republican limits to early or absentee voting are the most common measures among this year’s batch of proposed restrictions, with such bills on the table in 33 states. Nearly 85 million voters used one of those methods to cast their ballots in those states last year — more than half of all Americans who voted in the Nov. 3 election. 

    Hyper-gerrymandered district maps are more distorted in 2022, more disjointed, and more gerrymandered than any since the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965. Both Florida and Georgia have proposed a special police agency to monitor elections (to protect against non-existent voter fraud). These troops will be used to intimidate and challenge Democratic voters.  

    The Republican party—at national, state, and local levels—is refusing to accept the fundamental agreements of representative government. There are fake electors—Republicans—who tried to bluff their way into a victory in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin. In this crisis for voting rights, Republican-led state legislatures have rewritten their laws since the 2020 election to suppress Democratic votes and hand election counting over to partisan Republicans.

    And in a direct threat to Democrats Abroad, states like Texas are flagging mail-in ballots for rejection. Understand this: overseas votes can be the margin of victory in a close election. From 2016 to 2020 there was a 15% increase among all domestic US voters. For US citizens abroad, this increase was 40%. And overseas voters were the margin of victory for Biden in Arizona and Georgia.  

    As responsible citizens, we Dems Abroad must vote in every election. Remember that we each have to reregister every year. If you haven’t re-registered yet, do it right away. If you need help registering or voting, email us or stop by our office on the Ancha de San Antonio #10 on Saturdays between 11:00 am & 3:00 pm.  

    We are also looking members who want to do Phone Banking. You can help other DAs re-register to receive their ballots and you can help them fill out the ballots when they arrive. You can help them return their ballots so their vote is counted. This year, and in 2024, it is absolutely crucial that each US citizen abroad make their voice heard. Our voices have to be extra loud because the Republican party is trying to smother us, and our democracy with us.

    “One of two major political parties in America has said that it is their policy to win elections by keeping American citizens from voting,” said Sen. Elizabeth Warren. I say one party is fascist and one party is for representative government. This is the future for the United States unless every Democrat, at home or abroad, votes their conscience, and gets that vote counted.  

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    Replaceable as a Light Bulb

    By Larry Barber, DA SMA Executive Board Member

    Picture in your mind 22,000 striking workers. Remember strikes and picket lines, food kitchens and fund raisers? Around the United States there is now bubbling and boiling what used to be called “labor unrest.” Low pay and pauper raises, backbreaking work schedules, stolen overtime wages, pensions in jeopardy (if they exist at all), health care cuts, no time for a private life with friends and family. Some companies are now trying to loosen child labor laws; agriculture is still exempt from these laws and kids currently work in the fields, exposed to toxic chemicals. So, yeah—labor unrest.

    “They don’t care about our home life,” said a striking worker on the John Deere picket line. “They care about our work life. We’re as replaceable as a light bulb.”

    Twenty-two thousand U.S. union members are currently out on strike. Ten thousand at John Deere in Iowa, three thousand at Columbia University, two thousand at Buffalo’s Mercy Hospital, 1.4 thousand at Kellogg’s, 1.1 thousand Alabama miners for 8 months now, 1 thousand West Virginia hospital workers, 800 Pennsylvania educators, 700 Massachusetts nurses, 700 Kaiser engineers (with the strike threat of 37,000 Kaiser health care workers in Oregon, California, and Hawaii), 500 Ohio steelworkers, 450 West Virginia steelworkers, 300 New York machinists. 

    The list grows: Amazon workers battling Bezos for a union, New York cab drivers on a hunger strike, a one-day walk-off of two thousand telecommunications workers in California, 200 bus drivers strike in Nevada, 400 whiskey makers in Kentucky, two thousand carpenters in Washington, 600 Frito-Lay workers in Kansas, one thousand Nabisco workers at five plants around the country (they often work 30 days in a row on 12-hour shifts). In my own (former) industry, because more than 60,000 film and television workers voted to strike, their threatened work stoppage helped them negotiate a favorable contract. 

    Younger folks are quitting their jobs at an unprecedented rate. In April the number of workers who left in a single month broke an all-time U.S. record. In May, even more people quit. In June, even more. In August, again even more. 

    Many front line workers who risked their lives during the pandemic feel they deserve fair raises. “Essential workers” deserve essential pay. 

    Workers are taking back their power as agents of change by bringing the fight to employers. For Democrats Abroad, this is an encouraging time. The Democratic Party is once again the Party of the working woman and man. It lost its way in the late-20th century, but under President Biden the Democrats have once again taken up the banner of Labor. Biden has put unions at the center of his policy. He sees them as a way to rebuild middle-class jobs and families and to combat climate change, and racial and gender inequity. 

    “It’s not labor—it’s union,” Biden said last month during an event at a Ford factory in Michigan. “Because what you allow people to do is hold their heads up, make a decent living, and have pride in what they do — pride in what you build, pride in what you give this nation.” 

    For Democrats Abroad in Mexico, we can take pride in this pro-labor, pro-family stance from our President. That’s why it’s increasingly important for us to do whatever we can to help elect Democrats in the states where we vote and around the country. The Get-Out-The-Vote drive for the 2022 elections will be coming up and we all can contribute in one form or another. Please consider becoming a phone banker, joining one of our caucuses, or contacting your local chapter chair to become a Get Out the Vote volunteer. There is always work to do!





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    Upcoming Events

    Tuesday, June 14, 2022 at 04:00 PM Mexico City Time
    Trina Cantina Contemporánea in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

    Happy Hour @ Trina Cantina!

    Your invited ....

    ... to join us for Happy Hour at Trina Cantina's cool outdoor patio.  Hang out with fellow Dems & enjoy some munchies with great drinks.

    June 14th @ 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 pm.

    Trina Cantina is located at Stirling Dickinson #28 - free parking is available along both sides of the restaurant, and on Stirling Dickinson. 

    Learn about ways you can volunteer here in SMA to help Get Out the Democratic Vote in November. These midterms are too important to sit out! Plus, you can enjoy the company of wonderful, like-minded people!

    See you there!

    Signature Cocktails! 
    Ginger Lemonade & Vodka $70 pesos
    Mango Mojito $70 (hmmmm good!)

    Happy hour beer & drinks
    Classic Margarita $60
    Classic Mojito $60
    XX Lager $30
    Tecate $30
    Tecate Light $30
    Victoria $30
    Corona $30

    Happy hour Wines Santo Tomas 5oz per glass
    Merlot $75
    Cabernet $75
    Chardonnay $70
    Colombard $70
    Grenage Rose $70



    Thursday, June 16, 2022 at 10:00 AM Mexico City Time · 1 rsvp
    Geek & Coffee in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

    Let's Have Coffee!

    YOU’RE INVITED.... join us for our regular Democrats Abroad SMA’s outdoor, chat and coffee mixer. We will have a special guest, Ben Zion Ptashnik, Former Vermont State Senator, and President of The National Election Defense Coalition.

    We will be meeting at Geek & Coffee on June 16th at 10:00 a.m.

    We will also have volunteers that can help you get your ballot requested for the November Midterms.

    Geek & Coffee is located at the far end of Fabrica Aurora - free parking, great coffee and delicious nibbles, a huge outdoor space with their largest table reserved for us.

    Find out what Democrats Abroad SMA is all about while enjoying Geek & Coffee’s beautiful park-like setting. Bring a friend!