Oklahoma State Legislature Special Elections on November 14

Let’s elect more Democrats to the Oklahoma State Legislature – let's keep the winning streak going!

On November 14th, Oklahoma will vote for new representatives in

  • Oklahoma's State Senate District 37 (Tulsa area),
  • State Senate District 45 (Oklahoma City area) and
  • State House District 76 (Broken Arrow and Tulsa areas).

Democrats have swept the 2017 Special Elections in Oklahoma, flipping THREE seats in the Oklahoma State Legislature! Let's flip THREE MORE and send Allison Ikley-Freeman, Steven Vincent and Chris VanLandingham to the Oklahoma State House and Senate.

All overseas voters can vote in Oklahoma State Elections—and your vote can be the difference! Turnout for Special Elections tend to be very low and just a few votes—such as yours—can be key.

It's simple to vote! To request your ballot (and also register to vote if you need to), just go to www.votefromabroad.org and fill out the form. Then print it, sign it and send it to Oklahoma. Use EMAIL, FAX or MAIL—it must get to Oklahoma by Wednesday, November 8 at 5pm (Oklahoma time).

When you get your ballot, MAIL or FAX it back right away. It must get to Oklahoma by Tuesday, November 14 at 7pm (Oklahoma time).

Concerned You Won't Get Your Ballot in Time? VOTE using the Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (or FWAB). Then MAIL or FAX it back right away—it must get to Oklahoma by Tuesday, November 14 at 7pm (Oklahoma time). For more information, go to www.democratsabroad.org/fwab.