2019 is the year for Medicare For All!

Write a letter back to your US papers!

It’s time for Medicare For All. We have won the House and the Medicare for All H.R.676 is being revised and needs your help to get it out of committee and introduced before Congress.

The momentum behind Medicare For All has been bubbling for decades, and if we turn up the heat, it will boil over. It is a moral imperative, and it will save us - trillions.

We, as Democrats Abroad, have experienced first-hand the benefits of a universal, public, single-payer system truly works. This was the reason we launched Healthcare Stories - and will soon be sharing these stories members of Congress.

The Progressive Caucus of Democrats Abroad is now asking for you to contribute to the next phase of how we can amplify our voices to combat the disinformation against Medicare For All being pushed by lobbyists and greedy moneyed interests who can see that momentum is growing for change.

Would you be willing to write a letter back to your local newspapers in the states  expressing your personal experience as an American abroad who has lived with Medicare for All?

We are joining the national campaign by National Nurses United that has “ a special focus on 15 target House Districts across the country represented by Democrats who are on key committees for getting the bill to the floor who have not yet co-sponsored. Those are: AL-7, CA-12, CA-29, CA-39, CA-52, CT-1, MA-1, MA-4, NJ-6, NJ-9, NM-3, OR-5, TX-35, WA-1, and WI-3. However, we also know we need to build power in every district in the country.”

You can write your letter to as many local papers you have a connection to, such as where you vote, grew up, went to school, visit relatives, vacation or do business.  And in each letter we send, we can get the attention of House members by naming them in the letter and either encouraging them to support Medicare For All or recognizing that they rightly support the Bill.

If you write a letter, you will be enlightening many other Americans who have not experienced such a system, whose minds may be swayed by the intentional spin cast by those who do not have the best interests of all Americans at heart. And encourage them to call their House Representative to demand that they support Medicare For All.

Your voice matters just as much as any “expert” on healthcare. You have lived experience of how a public system helps you.

We have made some tips and facts to help you get started.

Please also register here if you are interested, we will be in touch.

Questions? Email the Healthcare Working Group!

2019 will be an enormous fight for Medicare For All. Because it has a chance to win, it will be fought.

Let’s help spread the truth and help make Medicare For All a reality in the United States.

Healthcare Working Group
Progressive Caucus of Democrats Abroad