June 20, 2022


The Pride march is one of our chapter’s biggest (and most fun!) events of the year. It’s a great way to share our message and bring in new members, too. Feel free to invite friends and family of all nationalities. The more, the better. We want you all there with us!

Date: Saturday, July 9th
Time: 6:15 in front of Reina Sofía Museum (pin with exact location here). We will then join the parade as a cohesive unit when it leaves from the base of Paseo del Prado at 7PM.

Please register to march here. This headcount is a huge help with our organizational efforts.

We suggest that fellow marchers purchase DA's new “Disarm Hate” T-shirt to help give our group visual cohesion—this is an important message to spread, and wearing a uniform also helps the march to move more smoothly and keep our group together. Preorder your T-shirt here

Per OrgulloLGTB’s requirements, we need six super volunteers to commit to help hold the banner and keep the march moving. Can you give us a hand? We need your help!

 Remember to wear light clothing, bring a hat, and drink plenty of water. Thank you for joining us. We are looking forward to sharing this event with you!