May 20, 2023

Special Elections for vacancies in Executive Committee for Athens Chapter


The DAGR Executive Committee

has two vacancies in the Athens Chapter

Athens Chapter Chair John Anagnostou submitted his resignation on Sunday, May 7. On Monday, May 8 Athens Chapter Representative Tyler Boersen told the Executive Committee he was submitting his resignation as Athens Chapter Representative in order to run for Athens Chapter Chair.

According to DAGR Bylaws the vacancies must be filled in no less than 30 days but not more than 60. 

There will be a special election to fill these vacancies.

Greece Country Chair Brady Kiesling has reappointed the members of the 2022 DAGR Nominating and Election Committee (NEC) who have graciously volunteered to serve DAGR for this special Athens Chapter election. 

The NEC will receive nominations for the offices of the Athens Chapter Chair and Athens Chapter Representative from Monday, May 15 until midnight, Monday, May 29. 

If you are interested in serving as Athens Chapter Chair or Athens Chapter Representative or would like to recommend someone whom you feel will be suitable, please contact the nominations committee as soon as possible. 

Candidate profiles will be posted Tuesday May 30 on the website. 

Ballots will be sent out to Athens Chapter members on Thursday June 8.

The special election will be carried out by electronic ballot from Thursday June 8 to Monday June 12 at noon. 

Ballots will be tallied and the results will be announced on Monday, June 12, at 8 pm, online, just before the June Executive Committee meeting for DAGR.

Athens Chapter members are not obliged to live within the strict boundaries of Athens City limits but can reside in the surrounding area within the prefecture of Attica

Democrats Abroad Greece has recognized the following Chapters: Athens and Thessaloniki. Additional chapters may be added as formed, with amendment to the bylaws to increase the membership of the Executive Committee.

Each Chapter shall be headed by a Chapter Chair elected from among the members of the Chapter at a meeting of the Chapter held in the first three months of odd numbered years.  A Chapter Representative to the Executive Committee will be elected at the same meeting.  The Chapter Chair may appoint a Chapter Secretary and a Chapter Treasurer from the Chapter membership.  The Chapter Chair shall, in coordination with the Country Chair and the Executive Committee, call and preside at all Chapter meetings, establishing the agenda of such meetings (subject to Article XIV), and generally shall have responsibility for all Chapter activities approved by the organization.

The committee’s contact information:
[email protected]

Stacey Harris-Papaioannou
Nominations/Elections Committee Chair
[email protected]
6942 940 720

Nikki Fellouris
Nominations/Elections Committee Member
[email protected]
6936 618 493

Nicholas Loisos
Nominations/Elections Committee Member
[email protected]
693 660 1244