Terry Watkins

Hey everyone. Here’s a little about me.  I arrived in Beijing in August 2017 to work as a Drama Teacher, although starting in the Fall of 2019 I became a graduate student at Tsinghua University pursuing a Dual Masters degree for Public Policy in Sustainable Development Goals at a partnership program between University of Geneva in Switzerland. In my time working and studying in China I have become acquainted with DA China and have become increasingly active in their functions. I’m enthusiastic about the DA's goal to assist in helping expat American’s vote as well as the Democratic Party’s platform in general. 

As far as experience goes I have been in and out of volunteer canvassing for local politicians in my home city of St louis, Missouri. Over the years I canvassed for Democratic candidates for several campaign cycles: going door to door, making calls, or preparing mailing material. Currently I am interning at the European Branch of Reos Partners, a systemic change consultancy that helps multinational stakeholders develop methods for problem solving. That said, I am returning to Beijing in the Fall semester to complete my studies and work within China, and seek to remain there for the duration of my term if elected. 

If elected my goals would be to: 

  • Advocate for Democratic Policy and promote its message of inclusion, equity, diversity, and general welfare

  • Assist in recruitment through the facilitation of dialogue, where new and old DA members alike are encouraged to share and express ideas 

  • Assist in planning and coordinating activities necessary for DA China’s function