May 03, 2021

Nominated Candidates to the DACN Leadership Board

The following candidates have been nominated to various positions on the Democrats Abroad China Leadership Board. In alphabetical order by last name, your nominated candidates are:

  • Jacob Aldaco - accepted the nomination 
  • Elizabeth Blackbourn - accepted the nomination 
  • Elaine Chow - accepted the nomination 
  • Jenny Eveland - declined the nomination 
  • Justin Fischer - declined the nomination 
  • Faith Gary - accepted the nomination 
  • Grace Gary - declined the nomination 
  • Devika Koppikar - declined the nomination 
  • Helen Li - declined the nomination 
  • Alexandra Smith - accepted the nomination 
  • Cory Stroik - accepted the nomination 
  • Eileen Walsh - accepted the nomination 
  • Terry Watkins - accepted the nomination 
  • Kim Wong- accepted the nomination 
  • Cheng Xu - declined the nomination 
  • Lisa Movius - from the floor accepted
  • Brian Kloosterman - from the floor accepted
  • Anders Hove - from the floor accepted
  • Alexander Lee- from the floor, declined 
  • Hisham Youssef - from the floor accepted 

Candidates are required to confirm their nominations in order to be finalized as candidates for the election. They are also invited to submit candidate statements. Submitted candidate statements can be viewed by clicking on their name above. As the NEC receives and uploads their candidate statements, we will update this page to link to them. The election will take place during the China AGM on May 23, at 1pm.

You can RSVP for the AGM here.