We in DA's Veterans and Military Families Caucus are working on a project to take back the Senate.

Here are the detailed reports about the 2020 Senate races.



   Flip the Senate - Georgia edition                      Flippable Senate November 01, 2020        Flippable Senate 10 18 2020          Flippable Senate 10 18 2020


     Flippable Senate             Flippable Senate        Flippable Senate          Flippable Senate


                      DownBallotScreenShotJuly192020          DownBallotScreenShotApr052020.JPG            Screen_Shot_2020-03-18_at_10.29.36_AM.png           DownStream Ballot  March 15 2020.JPG


and State Legislature Report. 



So far, there are five tight races we are watching very closely: AZ, CO, GA, NC, MA, MO, and you will also find information on all the others.

And the GA Special Election is indeed Special! For any questions or comments please email: [email protected].

We would certainly appreciate it!