Virginia State Elections

The Virginia State Elections on November 7, 2017 will be a bellwether for the national elections in 2018. Virginians will election a new Governor and the full House of Delegates. Let’s elect Democrat Ralph Northam as Governor and flip the House of Delegates.

Have you voted? Ballots must be returned to Virginia by MAIL by Tuesday, November 7 at 7pm (Virginia Time), so there is no time to delay.

Virginia requires overseas voters to send in a Ballot Request Form EVERY year if you want a ballot—even if you are registered to vote. All overseas voters can vote in these elections who indicate 

  • "intend to return" on the Ballot Request Form;
  • "return is uncertain" on the Ballot Request Form if you own a residence in Virginia;
  • "return is uncertain" con the Ballot Request Form if either you, your spouse or your parent has an overseas employer or school.

The deadline to request a ballot is upon us, but it is still possible for eligible registered voters to request a ballot by EMAIL or FAX before the October 31 deadline. Go to to complete the form. 

Concerned You Won't Get Your Ballot in Time? VOTE using the Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (or FWAB). Then MAIL it back NOW. It must get to Virginia by Tuesday, November 7 at 7pm (Virginia Time). Be sure to send in your Ballot Request Form too! For more information, go to