March 03, 2023

GWC March 2023 Newsletter

Letter from the Editors

Every March 1st we become as aware as ever that our work for Women’s Rights is not over.  Women’s History Month is there to celebrate, commemorate, and honor all the women and girls who have trail-blazed for equal opportunity and rights, and the Global Women’s Caucus is very excited. We have an extensive Women’s History Month “living library,” which includes background information, historical facts, biographies, links to online events and exhibits, suggestions for books and films, graphic templates, and social media content. Test your Women’s History knowledge with our online WHM trivia quiz! We will be updating these materials throughout the month.

This year, we join the National Women’s History Alliance with their theme of “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories”. After the overturning of Roe v Wade last June, we believe it to be crucial to remember the women that have written our history. This month, we want to showcase 31 women who have shaped feminism. Stay tuned and watch our social media accounts.

The GWC is growing, and we need your help. Join our team for this very important year. Consider volunteering with us, help friends and family register to vote, or donate! Make sure you’re registered to vote in 2023 here!

We hope you enjoy this edition, and we look forward to seeing you at our events!

Jo Meszaros and Shannon Parry, Communications Co-directors, Global Women’s Caucus

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Democrats Abroad Salutes International Women’s Day 2023
with Anne DePrince, Noted Author and Expert on Violence Against Women
On March 5, at 9 am Eastern Time

RSVP here



The Equal Rights Amendment was first introduced
in Congress in 1923 - 100 years ago!

To commemorate that, Democrats Abroad is joining women across the U.S. holding birthday parties
in March – many on March 22
the date in 1972 that Congress submitted the ERA to the states for ratification.

Click here for information on how you can help raise awareness.



Books Abroad, The Global Women’s Caucus feminist reading group, has an
original, unexpected, funny, sad, tragic book to propose
for its April 2nd meeting: Lessons in Chemistry.

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The GWC Reproductive Justice Team has  launched a project to promote voter registration and ACTION under the theme Reproductive Justice for ALL

More details here


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For a full list of events, including from other caucuses & chapters, visit our Events page.


The GWC organized a wonderful webinar with Carrie Baker (a JD, PHD professor at Smith College and contributor to Ms Magazine) on January 20th. She updated us on the current status of reproductive justice in the United States. And it is dreadful. More than one-half of the States have either made abortion illegal or practically impossible to obtain. Our Action Team is working on improving our social media presence and we need new volunteers for research and writing. Our other projects are:

  • developing a chart that highlights companies which have favorable policies for women employees (vacation, maternity leave, help with getting abortions etc.)
  • obtaining a contact list of women caucus leaders in the Democratic State parties in red States so we can work with them on State legislation
  • organization of periodic calls with such women;
  • organizing call storms when legislation comes to the floor of Congress and State legislatures and more…

Please join our team. Send all questions you may have about what we are doing and how you can help to [email protected].

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HOLD A 100 YEAR BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR ERA: Take action! The ERA was first introduced into Congress in 1923, 100 years ago.   Parties are being planned in every state and with DA's help, around the globe.   The official party date is March 22 but any time in Women's History Month is fine.   Click here for more details.

For more details on the ERA 100th birthday party, listen to Shari Temple’s appearance on the DA Blue Cafe podcast. 

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Please help us by sharing your responses to a few quick survey questions. Click here to take the survey.

The Violence Against Women Team is finalizing research to help dimensionalize and address the plight of U.S. citizens who are living or traveling abroad and who experience some form of gender-based violence.  

We’d appreciate your input on a few quick topline questions on a totally confidential basis.  

Please respond by March 31, 2023 at the latest. 


Send an email to [email protected] if you are interested in learning more about our activities, findings or joining our team.

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Bonnie Garmus, Lessons in Chemistry Books Abroad, the Global Women’s Caucus feminist reading group, has an original, unexpected, funny, sad, tragic book to propose for its April 2nd meeting: Lessons in Chemistry. This runaway international publishing, reader and critical success cleverly tells the story of Zott, a chemist, thwarted at every step of her life by sexism. The book is both thought-provoking and touching. (I cried at the end!) Here is the story of a female scientist in 1961, prevented even from getting her Ph.D., prevented from using her intelligence for science, for the common good, by the system, constantly and willfully misunderstood. “Zott is a catalyst,” says Bonnie Garmus, the author. “She’s actively breaking and creating new bonds. And that is chemistry at its most basic.” There is a lot to talk about: feminism, history, science, religion, the author’s style, an attempt at magical realism, and many other ideas and points. The book exists in paperback, or can be ordered from Amazon or your preferred bookseller. A few used copies, in good condition, can perhaps be found on Momox. Join us on Zoom on Sunday, April 2, 2023, at 10 am ET, 4pm CET   RSVP here 

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To volunteer with any of our teams, simply fill out the Volunteer Interest Form.


Connecting the Dots: Guns, Intimate Partner Violence, The Supreme Court & The ERA
by Marnie Delaney

The war on women is being waged in courts where an already flawed Constitution is being interpreted to endanger rather than protect women.  Read more...

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Artist Corner




Caroline Walker is one of Britain’s leading painters. A Royal College of Art graduate, she paints everyday life with striking realism and atmospheric lighting. Most often, Walker paints ‘invisible’ women at work, including in the home. She shines a spotlight on the unseen jobs performed by women, including housework. Inviting the viewer into quiet moments and intimate scenes, Walker complicates traditional ideas of the woman as the subject for art, exploring femininity and our heroines of today.





 Above: Study for Making Fishcakes, Late Afternoon, December by Caroline Walker

It’s a view into the kitchen window, and my mom’s at the worktop making dinner. There’s a front entrance to the house, but we always just go in the back, via a little yard, and that’s where the kitchen is.

This scene, looking into the kitchen, is late afternoon in winter and it’s getting dark outside so the white wall appears a blue/purple color, but inside is really warm because of the electric light, and the warm decor of the kitchen. I think for me and my brother, that would be the painting that probably would sum up our feeling about our mom and that home. I don’t know how many thousands of times we’ve walked past that window and seen that scene, because she’s in the kitchen a lot of the time. For most families, the kitchen is the heart of the house, isn’t it?” (from an Interview with Matrons & Mistresses, December 2020)


In Closing

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