Celebrate Women's History Month!


Ah, Women's History Month, we meet again, We COULD start by rattling off a list of accomplishments from the ladies of yore (and we will), but first let us take a collective bow in honor of all the moms who have lived through this last year.

Whether you home-schooled while holding down a 9-5 in home office, went out into the wild as an essential worker, delivered a child while masked or cried every day in the only space you could be alone (the toilet), we are IN AWE. You are a champion and we cannot start Women's History Month without recognizing this historic feat.

Ladies, it's been A YEAR. Add to the above; the unprecedented (are we sick of this word yet?) female-only unemployment statistics we saw in December, the never-ending struggle for reproductive rights, equal pay, and I don't know, equal representation(?), it's a wonder any of us are still standing.

This March, allow your Global Women's Caucus to celebrate YOU, your mothers, your daughters and neighbors who paved the way before them. This month is ours and we are going to make the most of it.

Between our speakers' series events, final efforts to push through the Equal Rights Amendment and open dialogue on our social pages, we are shaping the conversation and history itself, magnifying women's voices one story at a time and giving credit where it is long overdue.

Because...Who runs the world? GIRLS.

We, at the GWC of Democrats Abroad are doing the good and hard work to address women's issues.