Why I Vote - Greg Dolezal

As an American who has lived abroad for over ten years, I understand the impact that our politics has on the rest of the world. Everyone is watching us and although they are familiar with our issues and affected by them they cannot participate. Being able to vote is a privilege that I have as a citizen that I don't take lightly.

I go to great efforts to make sure my vote is counted because as we saw recently in Virginia, a single vote can determine everything. I may not be living in my home state but I feel responsible to vote because posting opinions online is not how we make progress.

If I can do it from Laos, Korea, or Saudi Arabia then anyone can!

If you live outside the US, visit votefromabroad.org to request your ballot and commit to voting. Por favor, visite votefromabroad.org y registrese y vote. Muchisimas gracias. Thank you.