March 07, 2016


Thank you to everyone who came to the film outing to see Suffragette and discuss the latest results of our on-going DAGR WC survey. Everyone enjoyed the film and expressed amazement that the history of the vote in England was so recent and violent! The film also highlighted the consequences women suffered for participating in the movement, with a story line that highlighted the lack of parental rights when women were seen to have stepped out of line morally. Fortunately, in the same decade that women's full voting rights came into law in England, women's custodial rights were instated as well. We have indeed come a long way in less than a century, in America as well, but there remains work to be done in order to protect women's improved condition and forge new advancements. Our progress depends on you and we hope that you will join us in our events to discuss, debate, propose and succeed in our efforts!

Below are a few highlights from the on-going, anonymous survey that we reviewed over drinks and nibbles. There are three clear umbrellas of concern with regard to policy in the U.S.:

  • Woman's Health/Woman's Choice;

  • Employment/Equal Pay for Equal Work/Maternity Leave/Job Security/Equal Opportunity;

  • Education

The survey also highlighted our expat woman's concerns while abroad.

  • Social Security

  • Taxes/Fbar

  • Language/Education and Integration