October 23, 2020

Final Stretch: We’re Not Done Yet!

Most of us abroad have voted, and deadlines are closing in for the rest. Calling campaigns are winding down and plans for a global Election Watch party are about to be announced.

And a few of us have missed their deadline, missed the 2020 Good Ship Biden! But there’s still a lot ALL of us can do!

Stateside, the beat goes on, right up to November 3 and after. So, if you’re feeling anxious about the results, check some of these opportunities.


Outside US polling stations, Indivisible volunteers are asking voters to get three more people to vote. It’s called ‘tripling’.

Obama asks us to Pledge to Remind Three Friends to Vote by Nov 3!


A number of US phone banks are using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). So you can call any number in their list, anywhere, from your computer, in the comfort of your own living room in Greece. We recommend you specialize:

  • in your home state
  • for a candidate you know something about and particularly like
  • or an issue area you support.

You’ll up the odds of being more than just another robo-call. Explore these and see if any fit.

  • TurnOut2020 has phone bank events targeting specific campaigns and states. Looks very well organized! Look over the upcoming campaigns and volunteer if you can.
  • Environment interests? Sierra Club has a call-from-computer effort now thru Nov 3!
  • NextGen texting to young voters – daily!
  • Daily Kos has a text banking opportunity. Sign up here.


  • Know any Spanish speakers? UnidosUS reaches out to Latinx voters in two languages!
  • Strictly stateside, phone banking for Moms Rising. Send to a friend back home!
  • If you’re a union man or maid, reach out to the not-yet-organized and help them vote.


If you run into anyone who isn’t sure they’re registered, when they did, what they’ve done … TWO ways to go.

  • If they’re abroad, send them to Vote from Abroad, State Voter Information. Tell them to select their state from the drop-down menu and use the text link in the lower left to go straight to their local official.
  • If it’s a stateside friend, send them this short video with Mimi Kennedy for PDA on how to check their registration from their phone!

Once we vote, and our friends vote, it’s on to making sure every vote is counted! No time to doze off now!