May 04, 2016


We had the pleasure to meet many of you during the Global Primary at the Grand Bretagne in early March, and since then, the Women's Caucus has been busy! We have launched a DAGR Women's Caucus Facebook group.

With our survey results and our new DAGR WC Facebook communication tool in place, we invite you to:

-  join us in creating a community to explore the issues that concern us;

-  promote well researched analysis;

-  contribute to discussion to build a platform for our Women's Caucus.

Some of you may have already been added to the Facebook group, as we were already connected on Facebook. Others of you we have tried to add through email searches. Everyone is welcome: If you have not received an invitation on Facebook and are an FB user, kindly respond to [email protected]  to request access to the closed FB group and feel free to pass this news on to your DAGR friends.

We hope that you will join us in our discussion and look forward to hearing from you on Facebook!