July 12, 2018

Election Spotlight - Maine's US Senate Race

Up next is Maine's US Senate Race! 

Maine has not had a Democratic Senator since electing Senator George Mitchell in 1988, but that could change on November 6th. Zak Ringelstein is the Democratic Nominee and is running against the Incumbent, Senator Angus King and the Republican Nominee, Eric Brakey.

After Ringelstein graduated from Columbia University, he became a teacher. Ringelstein has taught internationally and in America, where his passion for public education grew. He was invited to the White House to work on early childhood education policy, has given TEDx Talks about the dangers of standardized testing, and co-led a campaign “PowerToPublic” to prevent Betsy Devos from becoming the Secretary of Education. RIngelstein is running because he does not want policy to be controlled by big money anymore, therefore he is not taking money from PACs, lobbyists or corporations.

Ringelstein’s platform includes creating more living wage jobs, getting money out of politics, enacting medicare for all, protecting and preserving our environment, and investing in public schools. In terms of being an advocate, he fights for women’s rights, racial justice, immigrants, indigenous people, our LGBTQ+ communities, and people with disabilities. He also wants to make the rich pay their fair share of taxes, reduce income inequality, and ensure college students are not burdened with debt. To learn more visit http://www.ringelsteinformaine.com/

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