June 22, 2018

Election Spotlight - Oklahoma Gubernatorial Race

Hi everyone! Democrats Abroad Berlin will be spotlighting races leading up to the 2018 Midterm Elections. This week we are covering the State Primary in Oklahoma where Former Senator Connie Johnson and Former Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson will have their Democratic Primary on June 26th, 2018 for the Oklahoma Gubernatorial race.

Johnson served thirty-three years in the State Senate, and was the first woman and African American to win the US Senate nomination of any major political party. Johnson wants to balance the budget so it will not unjustly affect poor and middle-class citizens, adequately fund career preparation and higher education, increase the minimum wage, and expand the state’s Medicaid program. To read more visit http://connieforgovernor.com/

Edmondson served in the Navy and then was Oklahoma’s Attorney General for sixteen years. He wants to raise pay for teachers and put money back in classrooms, expand Medicaid so that every Oklahoman can choose the best healthcare for themselves, breathe new life into rural communities by encouraging investment and supporting farmers, and write a budget for the interests of Oklahomans. To read more visit http://drewforoklahoma.com/

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