Thanks for the Support!

Today was my last long run before the big day in Hamburg on April 28, and I feel pretty good. It could be because the weather today was absolutely perfect for a run. It could be because I am starting to “taper,” which means my runs are getting gradually easier before my marathon. I think it’s partly because I felt a growing sense of support and gratitude as I was reflecting on my training this year. I often get an encouragement from my running group, Let’s Run Bremen, when I am training. I do not take this motivational boost for granted. This is the first time I have decided to bring awareness to Democrats Abroad and voting rights for American expats while preparing for a race. I wasn’t too sure what to expect. 


I really appreciate the amount of support I have received so far from our DAG members. This has taken form in several ways. Some of you have simply given cheerful words support when we have discussed this topic as a group. A “thumbs up” on Social Media has also been encouraging. Some of you have asked “How’s your training going,” and I really felt as though you were interested in my answer. Some of you have gone to one of our park meetups, which were lots of fun! Some of us were there for the cakes, but helping me refuel is also part of the process, so that counts as support. Some of you have contributed to our “Hamburg Runs the Blue Line” initiative, and it has been motivating to know that others are optimistic that this initiative will help us to get the word out about our cause. Some of you have asked how you can help next week. It’s really been a full spectrum of support!


 Although the marathon is a week away, I wanted to thank everyone for the “good vibes” they have sent my way so far. I will do my best to remain healthy this week so next Sunday will be fun and successful. If anyone is planning to go to the marathon as a spectator, please let me know! If people are at different places in the race, it would be good to have photos of different places on the course of people are into that sort of thing. Or just looking for people on the sideline is also motivating. I’m looking forward to a great day of athleticism with a touch of activism. Let’s find some voters!