DAVI Chapter Officer Position Descriptions 2023

Officer Position Descriptions 2023 DAVI Elections

Chapter Officers
Approved by the Victoria Board - May 2023

ALL BOARD MEMBERS MUST BE: American citizens, Age nineteen and over, Members of Democrats Abroad Canada-Victoria

Chapter Chair

The Chapter Chair shall call and preside at all General Meetings, Special Meetings, Executive Committee Meetings and all meetings of the Chapter Board. The Chair shall determine the Agenda of all such meetings.

The Chapter Chair shall have Membership responsibility for the day-to-day activities of the Chapter and for execution of all activities approved and undertaken by the Chapter Board.

The Chapter Chair may appoint such ad hoc committees and individuals as necessary for the execution of the activities of the Chapter.

The Chapter Chair shall be a voting member of the DACA board as Chapter Representative and is responsible for enacting policies as determined by DACA.

This role takes approximately 10-20 hours per week in an election year, and 8-10 hours in a non-election year.

Chapter Vice Chair

In the absence of the Chapter Chair, the Chapter Vice Chair shall determine the Agenda, call and preside at meetings of Chapter members, the Chapter Executive Committee and the Board.

The Chapter Vice Chair shall have such other duties as chairing one or more committees, depending on their experience and preferences.

The Chapter Vice Chair shall work with the Chapter Chair to ensure all responsibilities approved by and on behalf of the Organization are supervised and executed appropriately.

The Chapter Vice Chair shall be a member who is of the opposite sex to the Chapter Chair, as per the bylaws of Democrats Abroad and the rules of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

NOTE: If the decision is to have two Chapter Co-Chairs, foregoing a Chapter Vice Chair, the above paragraph is still applicable.

This role takes approximately 7-10 hours a week.

Chapter Secretary-Treasurer

The Chapter Secretary-Treasurer shall distribute required meeting notices, attend and produce minutes for all Chapter Board meetings. The Chapter Secretary-Treasurer shall produce and maintain all files and administrative records of the Chapter. All such records shall be open for inspection by members.

Minutes of all meetings shall be sent to the Board once approved by the Chapter Chair and/or Vice Chair.

The Chapter Secretary-Treasurer shall schedule all Board meetings. In the case of absence of the Chapter Secretary-Treasurer, the Chapter Chair or Vice Chair shall designate to another Officer the responsibility to attend and produce the minutes.

The Chapter Secretary-Treasurer shall manage the finances of the chapter in coordination with the Chair and the DACA Treasurer. 

The Chapter Secretary-Treasurer shall produce a monthly written report for the Chapter Board and make and maintain such financial reports as may be required by DACA. All such records shall be open for inspection by members.

The Chapter Secretary-Treasurer shall prepare and present to the AGM of the chapter a Statement of Income and Expenses.

This role takes approximately 6-8 hours a week.

Chapter Membership Secretary

The Chapter Membership Secretary shall maintain the Chapter membership database by responding in a timely manner to member requests for changes, welcoming new members, and by using best practices to ensure data integrity, confidentiality, and accuracy.

The Chapter Membership Secretary shall have administration privileges to update the Nationbuilder database and send out email blasts. S/he shall monitor the DAVI gmail account and participate in the annual DACA membership verification process.

The Chapter Membership Secretary provides statistical information as required and produces a monthly report for the Chapter Board.

This role takes approximately 5-12 hours a week during election years, and 5-6 hours weekly during non-election years.

 Social Media Coordinator

The Social Media Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the DAVI Facebook page, the DAVI web page, and other DAVI media sites as they become operational.

To do so, the Coordinator amplifies vetted content from the Democrats Abroad weekly content kit, other Democrats Abroad sites, and any other localized matters of interest, in consultation with the Chair and according to the guidelines specified by Democrats Abroad.

The Coordinator acts as the Chapter Social Media Liaison, interfacing with the DA Facebook Managers Group, and other Democrats Abroad media groups.

The Coordinator produces a written report for the Chapter Board on a monthly basis.

This role requires an estimated 3-7 hours per week, depending on whether an election is imminent.

 Volunteer Coordinator

 The Volunteer Coordinator recruits, trains, and manages volunteers for Democrats Abroad, in coordination with the Chair.

The Coordinator endeavors to offer a range of opportunities appropriate to the skills, physical needs, and interests of all members. Training is available.

The Coordinator acts as the Chapter Volunteer Liaison, interfacing with DACA and DA volunteer and GOTV (Get Out the Vote) personnel as required.

The Coordinator produces a monthly report to the Board.

This role requires an estimated 3-7 hours per week, depending on whether an election is imminent.

Chapter Member-at-Large

Chapter Members-at-Large represent the broader membership and bring to the Organization special gifts and talents which complement those of the other elected officials on the Board.

This role varies in hours, depending on the activities undertaken by these Board Members.