February 20, 2024

DemsAbroad Canada Black Caucus invites you to join them

Canada Black Caucus logo

As we commemorate Black History Month, it is imperative to recognize and uplift Black excellence, acknowledging its profound significance while grappling with the historical burdens that continue to impact our society. We cannot move forward without understanding and dealing with the shackles of our past. The journey towards genuine progress requires a comprehensive understanding of our past—recognizing the struggles that have shaped the present and addressing the unresolved promises that hinder our collective future. The Canadian Black Caucus chapter of Democrats Abroad emphasizes the necessity of an inclusive approach, ensuring that every young Black individual has the opportunity to fully realize the aspirations upon which our society was founded. Yet, it is evident that these dreams remain elusive for many. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that Black history is accurately taught and understood, paving the way for meaningful change and the fulfillment of long-overdue commitments. We also stress the importance of active civic engagement—urging everyone to use their ballot as a tool in the pursuit of recognition and justice. Black votes matter in shaping a future where equity and opportunity are realities for all.

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

Steering Committee

Star (Starla) Goggins, Chair - Toronto
Dr. Laura Allen, Vice Chair - Toronto
Larry Roseau, Advisor/Liaison - Montreal