International Officer Candidate Communications Plan (as of March 23)

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NEC 2021 International Officer Candidate Communications Plan

(as of March 23, 2021)

The NEC intends to host various platforms to help DPCA Voting Representatives learn about the candidates running for DA’s international offices. We have received a gratifyingly large number of nominations for candidates for office, which obliges us to balance our desire to offer as many communications avenues as possible with the necessity of ensuring equal access for all, within the limited time and volunteer resources available.


We encourage all candidates who pass the vetting stage and appear on the candidates list to keep monitoring for emails from [email protected], as communications channels will open fairly quickly.


Here is where we are in our planning as the nominations period closes.


Candidate Statements and Photographs


Just as was done in 2019, we will invite candidates to submit statements offering brief bios and outlining their qualifications for the office they are seeking. These will be posted on the DA website, along with photographs, endorsements, and (if they so choose) links to social media accounts. DPCA voting reps and the membership at large will be invited to peruse these. This platform will go live shortly after the list of candidates confirmed to be eligible to run has been released.


Email Forum


Also as was done in 2019, we will host an email forum where candidates and voting reps may discuss issues of interest pertaining to DA’s future and candidates’ hopes and dreams for the organization and the offices they are running for. The same Google Group forum will be used as in 2019, but all participants from that year’s election will be removed before all 2021 candidates and voting reps are invited to sign in (or to sign in again).


This forum will also open soon after the list of eligible candidates has been released.

To give shape to the discussion, the NEC will pose Questions of the Week that we will invite participants to discuss. The NEC has begun compiling ideas for these questions, and will also invite candidates and voting reps to contact us with suggestions.


We have two further ideas that are still in the planning stages. Note that candidates who are running for more than one office will only be allowed to choose one office to showcase their talents. 

All-Candidates Panel 


For the offices of Chair and Vice Chair, we are considering hosting an All-Candidates Panel. This would be scheduled with an eye to where in the world our candidates are, and released as a video recording for voting reps and other members to watch in their own time. Members of the NEC will pose the questions and moderate. The NEC will solicit questions from voting members and candidates in advance, and may add questions as they occur to the moderators.


The Blue Vote Café Podcast


We may also invite those seeking the office of Secretary, Treasurer, and Counsel to participate in a series of episodes on DA’s global podcast The Blue Vote Café (available on most podcast platforms, including Google, Apple, and Spotify). Candidates running for a single office will be featured in each episode. The current idea is that all candidates will be invited to sign up for a 10- or 15-minute slot during one of three or so recording sessions scheduled at different times to accommodate various time zones. All candidates for a particular office will be asked the same set of questions (supplied in advance), and later the recordings of all the candidates for each office will be edited together to create separate episodes that each focus on one office. 


To contact the NEC with any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please email us at [email protected]. Rest assured that our mandate is to be fair and neutral to all candidates in all regions.


We look forward to an exciting and illuminating election season!


2021 Global NEC

Asha Subas (UK) - Chair

Edgar Lopez (Mexico)

Eliot Goldman (France)

Gail Ann Fagen (Italy)

Michael Ramos (Australia)

Rachel Eugster (Canada)

Suma Shamanna (India)

Tim Ellis (Canada)





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Thank you from the 2021 DPCA Nominations and Elections Committee