January 02, 2024

DA France December Newsletter

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In this edition:

  • Announcing: DA France Black Caucus!

  • 2024 is *Now*
 Volunteer with Us
  • Global Presidential Primary
  • Funding the Fight

News That Didn't Make Headlines

In Towamencin Township, Pennsylvania, Republican supervisors planned to ignore the home rule charter adopted by voters last year and privatize the township’s sewage infrastructure. Democrat Kofi Osei jumped in the race and challenged the incumbent supervisor…and tied, leading to a draw to break the tie, which he won. Osei, a Ghanan immigrant, told the local media, "My dad’s overseas right now and I kept telling him to get an overseas ballot but he said it doesn’t matter because I’m going to win. So I’m glad he had the trust.” The trust is nice, but things would have certainly been less stressful for Osei’s campaign had his father simply gone to VoteFromAbroad.org!

In our monthly News That Didn’t Make the Headlines blog, read more about about the impact of a single overseas vote as well as attacks on bodily autonomy, the Biden-Harris administration's urgent work on climate action and environmental justice, and other important developments that didn't make the headlines of major news sources.

Announcing the DA France Black Caucus! 

We're excited to announce that DA France has formed a new caucus: the DA France Black Caucus, which will work on issues affecting the African-American community. The Diversity Caucus, our traditional umbrella caucus, will continue its work on racial justice and issues concerning all people of color. One can of course be a member of both caucuses. Stay tuned for more information!

Our other four caucuses are LGBTQ+ Caucus, Veterans and Military Families Caucus, Women’s Caucus, and Youth Caucus. All members of Democrats Abroad France can join any of our six caucuses; their membership is not restricted in any way. If you’d like to join one or more caucuses, please send an email to [email protected].

2024 is *now*

Please pledge to register and request your ballot for 2024’s elections by going to VoteFromAbroad.org in January. Americans living overseas must request their ballots every calendar year there’s an election. On VoteFromAbroad.org, you can fill out the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA), a short form that lets you simultaneously request your ballot and register to vote (if necessary). Using this form provides voters much stronger protections than if you request your ballot directly from your Local Elections Officer because of the UOCAVA Act of 1986. Since voting rights are under attack, we should make use of the voting protections afforded us as citizens living abroad. The margins in many races are very slim, and Democrats living abroad have made the winning difference in many critical races.


As we head into 2024’s critical elections, DA France will need all hands on deck as we work to Get Out The Vote among Americans living in France. Please come join us! DA France is a vibrant and welcoming community, and there’s room for everyone, no matter how much or how little time you have. From phonebanking, to in-person or online voter assistance, to postcarding, to many other tasks such as IT or graphic design help, we could use your help! If you’d like to volunteer with us, please fill out this form. Thanks for volunteering, and we’re looking forward to seeing you!

Global Presidential Primary

Stay tuned for more information about the Global Presidential Primary. Every four years, Democrats Abroad holds our own Global Presidential Primary so you can vote for the presidential primary candidate of your choice. For the presidential primary only, our members may vote in either their home states or in DA’s global primary. Our primary will take place during the week of March 5th to 12th, online and in person in Paris. Other chapters will hold informal voting assistance events during the primary week. More information coming soon!

The number of Americans moving to France has tripled since 2020, many in the last 12 months. Many of them are likely Democrats, who will need help figuring out how to vote from abroad. France already has vast untapped potential, and this recent trend is an enormous opportunity that could be the key to big wins in 2024, but ONLY if we find these new residents and help them vote! To do this, DA France will need resources. We’ll spend funds on advertising, textbanking, printed materials like mailers, and outreach in areas where we’re not yet present. 

We’re a 100% volunteer-run organization funded by donations: Your gift goes not to salaries but to the nitty-gritty work of finding and helping Democrats. To donate to DA France, please click here. To donate 50% to DA France and 50% to Democrats Abroad (the global organization, who pays for our website, phonebanking, and many operational costs), please click here. Please consider donating on a monthly basis (as a sustaining donor) – these donations help us immensely as they allow us to budget for the future. 
We’re very grateful for your donation! 

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