March 31, 2024

DA France March Newsletter

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In this edition:

  • Super Tuesday: Time to Vote!
  • March is Women's History Month
  • Little-Known Biden-Harris Success Stories
  • Register & Request Your Ballot NOW!
  • Volunteer With Us!
  • Help Build Democrats Abroad’s 2024 Platform
  • Run to be a Democratic National Convention Delegate!
  • Facts: Why Your Dollars Make the Difference
  • Events: Join Us in Person and Online

Super Tuesday: Time to Vote!

It's Super Tuesday! Vote in the Global Presidential Primary! THIS—plus voting this fall—is how we remind elected officials and power brokers that the abroad voting bloc is a gamechanger... one that wins elections. That's one big reason we need you to vote: so we can get our agenda passed. (The other, obviously, is to save America and the world from the MAGA agenda.)

You can either vote remotely by email, or in person in Paris. See here for full information about voting in the GPP in France. 

Vote Remotely! Go here to vote online in the Global Presidential Primary *and* register with your state simultaneously, so you’re set to vote in the other primaries and the general election for the rest of the year. NOTE: If you’ve already requested your presidential primary ballot, don’t forget to send it back!

Vote In Person! On Super Tuesday, March 5th, or on Saturday, March 9th, come vote in person in Paris, and join us to kick off our 2024 campaign!

Democrats living abroad can vote in either DA’s Global Presidential Primary, OR in the presidential primary in their home state. If you vote in DA’s Primary, you should leave the presidential race on your state’s ballot blank—don’t vote twice—but you can (and should) vote in all other downballot races on your state’s

Happy Women's History Month!

A historic day! 🥂 As of last night, Article 34 of the French Constitution is amended to say, "the law determines the conditions by which is exercised the freedom of women to voluntarily terminate a pregnancy, which is guaranteed." We celebrate the freedom this represents for pregnant people who deserve the freedom to choose to end a pregnancy without government interference. Let's take back the House and increase our Senate majority so the US can enshrine reproductive rights in our constitution!

From the women codebreakers of WWII, to our own Josephine Baker, to NASA's math and engineering standouts portrayed in Hidden Figures, this month we take extra time to celebrate the courageous, the talented, and the compassionate women who've forged our country and our world, in years past and today. That includes the massive number of judges appointed by the Biden-Harris Administration—the most diverse slate of federal judges in history—with women making up two thirds of their appointees. Read our Global Women’s Caucus newsletter on Women’s History and Roe v. Wade.

Little-Known Biden-Harris Success Stories

In this month's News that Didn’t Make the Headlines column, we'll explain the impact of an obscure federal program: the Department of Energy Loan Programs Office.

When we vote, we select not only our 500,000 elected officials but also the teams they appoint. The Biden-Harris Administration has reinvigorated the Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office (LPO), facilitating a new wave of green manufacturing. Read more about this Biden-Harris Administration success story here.

If you haven’t requested your ballot yet, don’t wait! Go to NOW to register and request your ballot. You’ll automatically be emailed a copy of your FPCA (the form you just filled out); download that file just in case you don’t receive your ballot. (This will save you time if you have to resubmit it because your elections official didn’t get it.) Then email your Local Elections Official to confirm they have received your ballot request; ask them to reply with email confirmation that they received it and it’s correct.

If you've already registered and requested your ballot, please go a step further: Make sure all your friends and family are also registered and ready to vote. Become a Get Out The Vote Agent: Keep a list or spreadsheet of your American family and friends, and check off when they have requested their ballots, received them, and returned them (the 3 Rs). Nudge them until they do! Person-to-person outreach is the most effective way to bring in ballots. 

Need ballot assistance? Our trained voter assistance volunteers are standing by! Write to us at [email protected], or call or text us at 07-555-FRDEM (07 55 53 73 36).

Help us Get Out The Vote in these critical 2024 elections! Fill out this form, and we’ll contact you to let you know all the ways you can help. Thank you for getting involved: Your efforts will directly address one of the main reasons Americans abroad don't vote: They couldn't complete the process. That's where WE come in! Help voters abroad cross the finish line.

Democrats Abroad France 2024 Annual General Meeting

Join us for the Annual General Meeting of Democrats Abroad France, in person in Paris and online via Zoom, on Tuesday, April 9th, from 6:30pm to 8pm. We’ll discuss how to get involved in this campaign season, helping Get Out the Vote in the critical 2024 elections.

Run to be a DNC Delegate in Chicago!

Democrats Abroad will send 21 delegates to the 2024 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Interested in being a delegate? Go here for more information, and watch our website for upcoming informational sessions. The Democrats Abroad Delegate Application form will be available on the DA website starting March 26, 2024.

Many Democratic candidates need your money, but money you give to DA France helps EVERY ONE of those candidates.

FACT: The number of Americans moving to France has tripled since 2020, many in the last 12 months. Many of them are likely Democrats, who will need help figuring out how to vote from abroad.

FACT: In 2020, we grew the abroad vote by 73% over 2016. The result? Our votes tipped the scales in Georgia and Arizona for President Biden and for Senate Democrats.

FACT: In 2020, the margin of victory was under 5% in 42 Congressional races.

FACT: In 2022, Democrats needed 5 more seats to control the Houseand lost 6 races by less than 1%.

When the votes are tallied in November, and everyone sees how OUR votes made the difference, our influence grows, and our priorities get addressed.

We have untapped potential that's an enormous opportunity—the key to big wins in 2024—but ONLY if we find Americans here in France and help them vote. To do this, we'll need resources. We’ll spend funds on advertising, textbanking, printed materials like mailers, and outreach in areas where we’re not yet present.

The data is clear: A gift to Democrats Abroad France is the best investment in D victories across the US, in races up and down the ballot.

TODAY'S BIG ASK: Give up just ONE cappuccino (or glass of wine) per month until Election Day, and donate that €5 to DA France. If 100 of us around the country do that, we'd have €500 per month for critical activities run by dedicated volunteers!

Make that monthly gift today: Please click here

We’re very grateful for your donation! 

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