Co2nsequences: ECCC February 2024 Newsletter

Message from the Chair

News peppering the press continues to be terrifying, from the Atlantic Ocean's circulation nearing a tipping point, with potentially devastating consequences, to the impacts of global human conflicts. Showing up at the voting booth, educating ourselves and others, and writing our elected leaders is still a powerful way to shape our world.

President Biden has tapped John Podesta, who currently oversees the practical implementation of the IRA, to replace key climate envoy, John Kerry. The Biden administration launched several important initiatives this month, including Biden’s Buy Clean Initiative, which leverages the government’s power as the largest purchaser globally to advance low embodied construction materials in procurement and infrastructure projects. In tandem, the EPA announced a draft approach to implementing $100 million in a Label Program for Low Embodied Carbon Construction Materials. The administration also strengthened national air quality standards, controlling soot pollution for low-income communities.

There is critical state specific legislation now under consideration this year in the U.S., as well as vital court decisions. In Colorado, Democrats are pushing for a ban on new gas and oil drilling!! New York could also re-write its relationship with fossil fuels with a recent bill.  In the Florida Everglades, a tribal conservation plan will permanently end drilling in Big Cypress, and a key climate law enshrining cap and trade is also under attack in Washington state. On the legal front, we celebrate a bold victory against misinformation, as climate scientist, Michael Mann, wins a court battle against bloggers.

Election 2024 will have a decisive impact on climate mitigation in the U.S. and worldwide and our efforts to help vulnerable communities adapt. This must be the year we push for eradicating fossil fuel subsidies, ending fossil fuel reliance, and halting expansion of its infrastructure. We will achieve none of this with a Republican administration in office and without pushing our Democratic representatives up and down the ballot to put climate above the interests of fossil fuel lobbyists.

Thank you for reaffirming your commitment to democracy and to climate activism in this pivotal election cycle; voting, speaking outing, volunteering, living a greener life, and supporting us financially.  Now is the time to elect Democrats and press our representatives to take decisive action on behalf of the environment and climate. Your voice matters.  Your vote matters.

Dana Freling 

Chair, DA Environment & Climate Crisis Council

The most consequential election cycle of our lifetimes is upon on, and we need your help, not only to continue addressing the climate crisis, but to help preserve democracy itself. Please register now (and tell your friends!) at VoteFromAbroad.

From March 5-12, Americans around the world can also vote either in person at a Country Committee voting center or online in the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary. Take a stand for democracy and make sure Americans abroad issues are on the map this year.

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If you would like to help get out the vote this year, please get certified through our voter assistance training. If you have questions about your specific state elections or would like to join more localized efforts, check out our state teams.

Welcome to the ECCC’s January Climate Café, Feb. 28, 2024, at 10:00 am ET/4:00 pm CET, where special guest Naomi Zurcher will discuss urban forestry and the fight for a clean and healthy environment in U.S. cities. She will discuss how the disenfranchised community issue and how social injustice and environmental injustice are inseparable.



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