Co2nsequences: ECCC January 2024 Newsletter

Message from the Chair

Happy new year from the ECCC! As 2024 gets into gear, voting this election cycle will be the single most powerful action you take to protect our environment and mitigate climate change…insuring that Democrats are elected up and down the ballot. If you haven’t registered yet for 2024, go to VoteFromAbroad now and request your ballot.

Progress made at COP28 last month hinges on the non-binding commitments of individual countries to step up. President Biden is already making good on the Methane Pledge lead by the U.S., as he puts in place measures to fine fossil fuel companies for excess methane emissions.

This month President Biden issued a a Proclamation on the 50th Anniversary of the Endangered Species Act (ESA). This law has helped safeguard biodiversity across the nation, and is bolstered by billions invested through the IRA in forest management, ecosystems restoration, and watershed protection.  These conservation efforts, including $125 million for the endangered species act, benefits more than 300 species currently listed as endangered. The administration has also begun the designation process for multiple new marine sanctuaries and conservation of 13 million acres of land in the Western Arctic.

Special Climate Envoy John Kerry will be stepping away from his role next month to help with the President’s re-election efforts, after three years of tireless and extraordinary work leading the nation's climate negotiations. Concurrently, China’s climate tsar, Xie Zhenhua, will also be vacating his position, leaving these two key countries in the hands of new negotiators. COP29 leadership was recently announced by the petrostate of Azerbaijan, and both the post of COP President (Mukhtar Babayev) and all other 28 positions will be held by males formerly employed in the nation's fossil fuel industry. 

As we meet the challenges of 2024, we should acknowledge administration victories in climate change mitigation and efforts to help vulnerable communities adapt. Nonetheless, we have far to go in eradicating fossil fuel subsidies, ending fossil fuel reliance, and halting expansion of its infrastructure. We will achieve none of this with a Republican administration in office. Our work is cut out for us.

Thank you for reaffirming your commitment to climate activism for 2024; voting, speaking outing, volunteering, living a greener life, and supporting us financially.  Now is the time to elect Democrats and press our representatives to take decisive action on behalf of the environment and climate. Your voice matters.  Your vote matters.

Dana Freling 

Chair, DA Environment & Climate Crisis Council

The most consequential election cycle of our lifetimes is upon us, and we need your help in making sure we not only continue the momentum in solving climate change but also preserve democracy itself.

Remind your friends also to vote!

If you would like to help get out the vote, please get certified through our voter assistance training. If you have questions about your specific state elections or would like to join more localized efforts, check out our state teams. Finally, if you vote in New York, please help us ease ballot return there through our efforts with  New York electronic ballot return advocacy.

On January 24 at 11:30am ET, we will hear from Barbara Lee, Katie Porter, and Adam Schiff and more. 


The California Senate Primary on March 5 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting and competitive in the nation, as a dynamic group of candidates, including some of the state’s leading politicians, vie to win the seat long held by the late Dianne Feinstein. Don’t miss your chance to meet these amazing candidates, organized by DA's California State Team.

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Volunteer with the ECCC: Contact us at eccc@democratsabroad if you’d like to get more involved. Join our working groups, the Watchdogs Research Group, the Legislative Tracking Group, or help out with a variety of tasks, including social media and communications.

Tune in: The Biden-Harris Administration is asking for public input on the new training program for good, green jobs: the American Climate Corps! The remaining virtual listening sessions will feature climate champions Senator Ed Markey, Secretary Deb Haaland, and more:

Engage in Kitchen Table Talks to inform the Democrats Abroad 2024 Platform Climate and Environment Kitchen Table Talks guide. If you'd like to organize talks locally, contact your Chapter or Country Committee Chair.

Write your representative:

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