Co2nsequences: ECCC November Newsletter 2023

Message from the Chair

Heading into United Nations COP28 in Dubai this week, the United States and other global participants face critical issues in phasing out fossil fuels and adapting to the climate crisis.  We are now also one year out from the pivotal U.S. 2024 elections, where not only democracy and other vital freedoms are on the ballot, but so too is the future of U.S. climate policy. Global nations convening at COP28 will consider the first-ever Stocktake, negotiate the terms of loss & damage, with the E.U. far outpacing the U.S. in terms of financial commitments, and work together to figure out how to phase out fossil fuels. Food and farming are also expected to be high on the agenda, acknowledging the interconnection between food, land use, and climate change.

We learned this month that the West Antarctic ice sheet has hit a tipping point with rapid ice melt. The Gunas people of Blas island near Panama must also relocate, as their islands are being succumbed by waves. They will become the first-ever climate refugees from the Americas. The 3rd Earthshot Prizes were also announced this month, with Boomitra winning the climate prize for their cutting-edge technology helping farmers restore soil and engage in regenerative agricultural practices.

In environmental news stateside, The Biden administration announced $6 billion to strengthen climate resilience upon releasing the fifth national climate assessment and announced a $3.46 billion investment to strengthen the electric grid across the U.S. The Auto Worker’s Union strike was also settled with support from the President, who actually joined the picket line. Central to worker demands was their role in the transition to electric vehicles.  This week, the EPA announced the appointment of 16 members to the agency’s first-ever National Environmental Youth Advisory Council (NEYAC), exclusively for those aged 16 and 29, to empower this generation to shape the future.  

Democrats Abroad held a global meeting on November 12th to consider the slate of 2023 resolutions. The ECCC was grateful that their two resolutions, one to ban fossil fuel subsidies and the other to ban future permitting of fossil fuel extraction on public lands and water, passed with unanimous consent.  Also this week, the ECCC was delighted to host a riveting webinar with Senator Ed Markey and Michelle Deatrick from the DNC to discuss the upcoming COP28 negotiations and electing Democrats in 2024. Members of DA’s ECCC Steering Committee will be traveling to the conference to represent Democrats Abroad and seize an important opportunity to connect climate with the U.S. vote from abroad.

Thank you for staying engaged, electing Democrats, and pressing our representatives to take decisive action for the environment and climate. Your voice matters.  Your vote matters.

Happy Holidays,

Dana Freling 

Chair, DA Environment & Climate Crisis Council

Voter Information

Results for the 2023 November elections were overwhelmingly positive, with governorship's and pro-abortion initiatives winning in even deep red states. If you are a Florida voter, you can still also sign on to the Right to Clean Water Ballot Initiative now. With enough signatures, it will go forward to the 2024 election ballot.  Download the petition to sign and mail, and view the full text of the Amendment here.

🗳️ Add a 2024 Ballot Request Reminder to your calendar. It can be found the at bottom of this email👇. Request it early and vote out Republicans in November 2024. 🇺🇸

Attend Our Events

Welcome to the ECCC’s December Climate Café on Thursday, December 14th at 10:30 am ET/4:30 pm CET, where we will hold an informal chat with various DA members that have participated in the COP28 proceeding in Dubai. Welcome to join in the conversation to learn how the U.S. and participating world partners are trying to solve the climate crisis and help vulnerable communities to adopt.

These two campaigns for Abortion access and a fundamental right to clean waters are now at the final stages of collecting signed petitions to put two constitutional amendments on next November's ballot!

Join us tomorrow, December 30th at 1:00 pm ET/7:00 pm CET to hear an activist from each campaign describe the amendment, the campaign, progress to date, getting the amendments on the ballot, and then the planned campaign through 2024. Florida has a tough 60% vote requirement, but polling shows voters support both amendments.

Will you be in Dubai on Monday, December 4? Does climate change have you feeling the heat? Grab a drink with Democrats Abroad! You are invited to a very special COP28 social hosted by Democrats Abroad UAE with the Democrats Abroad Environment and Climate Crisis committee and visiting members from around the world!  

ECCC Featured Articles


Climate News Roundup

Media articles:

💰 World Bank targets dirty subsidies to fund climate action

📏 Supreme Court rejects challenge to Biden climate metric

💚 How IRA funds help break through climate-action barriers in Wisconsin

🆘 Dems mount effort to restore wetland protections

💡 The US electric grid is getting a $3.5 billion upgrade

🚜 Farm bill faces battle as GOP pushes to strip climate, SNAP funding for subsidies

🚙 UAW Settles With Big 3 U.S. Automakers, Hoping to Organize EV Battery Plants

⚖️ Gov. Cooper issues environmental justice order, says it will “last beyond this administration”

🏦 World Bank to initially host loss and damage fund under draft deal

Video clips

🏆 The Earthshot Prize Awards 2023

Take Action

Volunteer with the ECCC – Contact us at eccc@democratsabroad if you’d like to get more involved. Join our working group, the Watchdogs Research Task Force, or help out with a variety of tasks, including social media and communications.

Write your representative-

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Guide to the IRA’s Investments in Indian Country; tax incentives and funding programs: Inflation Reduction Act Tribal Guidebook

Guide to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law -  Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s Guidebook

Energy Cost Resources to lower your energy costs, make your home safer and more comfortable, and help the planet: Energy Savings Hub | Department of Energy

Biden-Harris Vision for a Climate Resilient Nation -guide for climate resilience investments and activities by the federal government and its partners:  National Climate Resilience Framework

 Sign the  Petition to Declare a Climate Emergency!

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