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  • Dialing for Democracy: Battleground State Call-a-Thon 2022


    Our democracy is at stake this November. Votes from abroad - as mentioned in the Jan. 6th hearings - can hand Democrats much-needed victories to keep Congress, win two more Senate seats and more down ballot races. 


    We know that calling DA members is one of the most effective ways to mobilize voters. 

    Take action with us as we 'Dial for Democracy'


    WHAT IS D4D?


    Dialing 4 Democracy is a 48-hour voter mobilization Call-a-thon. During the weekend of June 25-26, callers will contact Democrats Abroad members who vote in battleground states. Calling will start at 12:01am US Eastern on Saturday, June 25 and continue through 11:59pm US Eastern on Sunday, June 26. TOGETHER, we can reach thousands of voters!



    D4D is also a fundraiser modeled on walk-a-thons, where callers find sponsors from their family, friends and colleagues. All funds raised will support DA's voter mobilization efforts, including the online phonebanking program.

    You can make calls with or without sponsors or donate even if you don't make calls!



    Follow these steps to Dial 4 Democracy: 

    STEP ONE – 

    Become a caller! Sign up via this Google form to indicate how many calls you'd like to make. 

    New to phonebanking? Get Set to make calls here.


    STEP TWO –

    Find sponsors - let people in your life know that we are dialing for democracy.

    Ask them to support our work by donating at the Dialing for Democracy donation page! 



    Join us at our special online events. RSVP at the bottom of this page to receive the links!


    SPECIAL EVENTS – RSVP for the links!

    Opening Event – Saturday, June 25 at 8-8:30am EDT/2:00pm CEST

    We’ll be on Zoom and Facebook to urge our callers (and donors) on!


    Midway Motivation – Sunday at 8:45am EDT/3:45pm CEST

    Get motivated for the 2nd day of calling with North Carolina Democratic Senate nominee, Cheri Beasley! RSVP HERE!


    Closing Event – Sunday, June 26 at 3-3:30pm EDT/9:00pm CEST

    We’ll be back on Zoom and Facebook Live to celebrate our progress and congratulate, thank, and hear from callers! 



    RSVP below and sign up to become a caller here Google form
    Join us at our special online events. RSVP to receive the links! 
    Contact us at:  
    [email protected]
    June 25, 2022 at 12:01am - June 26, 2022 at 12:01pm
    Washington, DC
    United States
    Google map and directions
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  • published January News in News 2022-01-22 06:41:52 -0500

    January News

    Happy New Year! It's been one year since President Biden was inaugurated. We had a lot of changes in 2021 and there is still lot of work to be done to get the change we need and action on climate change.

    I want to thank my two immediate predecessors, Rosa Foyle and Jese Alamogordo for all their work. We still have a lot of work to do in this midterm year. Our chapter has a lot of plans for 2022. Our next meeting is Tuesday, 25 January at 7:30 pm CET and we hope you join us. We will discuss our plans for the next year and we really need your help. There are lots of simple opportunities to volunteer and  help get out the vote. Of course, requesting your absentee is the first and easiest thing you can do to help.

    If you are on Facebook, please like our Facebook page.  Also, if you use WhatsApp, consider joining our group.

    I'm ready to get work, defend our democracy, and win the 2022 midterms and I hope you are too!

    Please take a look at the information below. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at [email protected]democratsabroad.de

    Thank you for your time and your support,

    Angela Fobbs
    Chapter Chair, Wiesbaden-Mainz

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  • DA Germany Climate Caucus Launch Event co-hosted by Wiesbaden/Mainz

    The Wiesbaden/Mainz Chapter is very pleased to collaborate with the newly formed DA Germany Climate Caucus to promote their launch event, happening June 9th 7pm CET. We in Wiesbaden/Mainz have several members in this nascent group and hope it will have a bright future!

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    Equality for My Heroes

    Most of my heroes are women. My mother, an artist and writer, possesses the most adventurous, curious and brilliant mind I've ever known and inspires me unendingly as I travel through life. My wife, a professional violist, is easily one of the boldest, most exciting musicians I've had the pleasure to hear perform live; she gives me the drive to achieve my best in my own musical career. Among those who influence me from afar are the likes of Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousafzai, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Cara Santa Maria. Women have had an unequal effect on the person I am today, and it's high time they are no longer treated unequally in our otherwise modern country. Equal treatment is the least we can ask for and we should settle for no less. Let us delay no longer. Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment immediately! Oklahoma voter, German resident.