DAJ Early October 21 Newsletter

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2021 Early October Newsletter contents:

  1. Message from your national officers
    1. New Jersey Voting Rights Expansion
    2. Stimulus Payments Webinar
  2. A small action you can take today!
    1. ERA
  3. Voters Alert!
    1. VA, NJ
  4. Upcoming DA Japan Events
    1. Monthly SPEAKEASY
    2. Tokai Regional Meeting
    3. Action Meeting - Climate Action
  5. Upcoming DA Global Events
    1. Stimulus Webinar
    2. New Jersey Voting Rights Rally
    3. Feminist Literary Festival
  6. Past DA Japan Events
    1. Sept 25 Phone banking training
    2. Sept 30 Action meeting
    3. Oct 2 Reproductive health workshop
  7. Community Interest
    1. Yokohama tour

🌟Message from your national officers

Democrats Abroad and Democrats Abroad Japan are focusing on issues critical to our members at all levels of our political system. 2021 is important as our engagement now is a preview to what we can or cannot accomplish in 2022! We are as powerful as our members are active - make your voices heard by joining our events and teams.

Want to get more overseas votes counted in state elections? Our last DAJ chair, John Baumlin, has been the central driving force pushing for the expansion of voting rights for overseas New Jerseyans. Join our online rally on Tuesday Oct 12th at 9:30pm - details below.

Did you get all 3 of your stimulus payments?

Join the webinar on Monday, Oct 11th, at 4pm to find out more - details below.



Are you in Central Japan? The Tokai Chapter will have an online gathering on Oct 26 at 6:30pm - details below.

Are you interested in environmental policy? Join Da Japan’s Action meeting on Oct 28 at 8:00pm which features a guest speaker from the Climate Reality project - details below.

Want to make a difference in 2022? DA Japan is looking for volunteers to join the Get Out The Vote (GOTV) and communications teams now. Please scroll down to find out more!

You are Democrats Abroad Japan. DAJapan is the US Democratic Party here in Japan. We make every US citizen’s voice heard through electing democrats, influencing policy, and connect

ing with each other. We are as powerful as our members are active - make your voices heard!

❤️ From your DA Japan Executive Committee

Sarajean (Chair), Elliott (Vice Chair), Dave (Secretary), Ruth (Treasurer)

🌟 A small action you can take today!

1️⃣ Sign Petition to your US senators to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

Enough states have ratified the ERA to amend the U.S. Constitution, but the U.S. Senate must pass SJ Res. 1 to extend the time limit.

It is very easy once you sign up to use Resist.bot. You can text for free using Telegram.



Text "SIGN PUKLOC" (without the quotes) to Resist.bot (addressee)on your smartphone using Telegram. You can also use Messenger on Facebook to sign the petition.


Instructions on how to set up Telegram and Resist.bot on your smartphone and PC: Presentation HERE: video walk-through HERE:

🌟 Voters Alert

1️⃣ Virginia and New Jersey VOTERS:

Hey, Virginia and New Jersey Voters, if you have been putting off registering, October 12th is the deadline!

Virginia election information can be found HERE: and New Jersey information HERE:

Upcoming Elections Sept 21

🌟Upcoming DA Japan Events

1️⃣ October SPEAKEASY on the 14th at 7pm. Young People Toasting with Beer
Join friends new and old to discuss
the matters of the day, or whatever interests you. Bring your favorite beverage and join us on webex. RSVP HERE



2️⃣ Democrats Abroad Japan Tokai Chapter Online Get-Together

Welcome all Tokai members and supporters. We will meet on Google Meets When:

Follow the link HERE: to RSVP.


3️⃣ Action Meeting Thursday, October 28th, 8 to 9:30PM

Bullhorn \


7:45-8:00 sign in

8:00-9:30 Open discussion


Chris Kozak, Climate Reality Leader

Moderator: Sarajean

Join Chris and Sarajean for an informative and energizing discussion about climate action! We will talk about living a more sustainable lifestyle, the Green New Deal, the Citizens Climate Lobby and actions we can take right now at the local, community, and federal levels.

Actions will include

1) simple things you can do every day

2) using your consumer power to support greener businesses and

3) contacting govt officials on a specific bill and

4) voting.

Chris Kozak(right) with Al Gore
*If you are interested in being a green leader for the future this is for you!

NOTE: We will share a pre-event email just before the event to get you prepared for the talk!



🌟 Volunteer Opportunities :

1️⃣ Call for GoTV committee members!

VFA opening page GOTV: Did you know that only 8% of the 92,000 eligible U.S. voters in Japan voted in 2020??? Would you like to help increase that number in 2022 so we can control congress? Then join us in Getting Out the Vote of the other 92%!

We need active volunteers to join the GOTV Committee! What we will do: plan voter outreach events, research and gather info on upcoming elections, create and support online and (in the future) in-person voter registration and information events.

If you're interested in volunteering for the GOTV Committee, please send an email to [email protected]


2️⃣ Call for Communications committee members!

We need to spread the word about DAJ to more people throughout Japan. What we will do: collaborative outreach, contact other organizations about DA Japan, contact the media, create short videos, and spread the word about events using traditional and social media. If you're interested, please send an email to [email protected]

🌟 Save the Date! Upcoming DA Global Events

1️⃣ Calling all New Jerseyans and voting rights allies!

October 12, 2021 9:30pm JST

New Jersey Voting Rights Rally

What we will do:

  • Meet the legislators sponsoring inclusive legislation for voters abroad
  • Learn how you can help bring the bill across the finish line
  • Participate in a virtual group door knock
  • Getting voting assistance for the November 2 election


The November 2nd state election in New Jersey will set the tone heading into 2022, and
Democrats need to pull out all the stops in this election! New Jersey voters abroad who intend to return to New Jersey at some point should request their ballot today at www.votefromabroad.org and return it ASAP!

Some states - like New Jersey - deny state and local voting rights to those who indicate that their "return is uncertain" on their ballot request. So, Democrats Abroad is strategizing to expand and protect voting rights one state at a time, starting with New Jersey. NJ Assembly and Senate bills: NJ A5306/S3761, would change the law back and enfranchise all overseas voters once again. The bill passed the NJ Assembly! Now we need your help to pass S3761 in the NJ Senate and elect officials to protect overseas voting rights, so such an injustice never happens again.

Here's a link to more information about A5306/S3761. To support Democrats Abroad's important work to restore NJ voting rights, please DONATE HERE.


Join Democrats Abroad as tax expert Nathalie Goldstein MsC, EA and CEO of
MyExpatTaxes discusses how to receive your Economic Impact Payments as an American living abroad, plus discusses 101 tax basics.






3️⃣ Friday, October 01, 2021 at 12:01 AM through October 25, 2021 at 12:01am Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Feminist Literature Festival October 2021

RSVP for Zoom link HERE:

GWC Feminist Literary Fest Banner

What better way to celebrate the written word than joining the Feminist Literature Book Club of the Global Women's Caucus for a month-long literary festival!

For more information and to RSVP HERE:

🌟Past DA Japan Events

Thanks to Tokai chair, Eric Gondree, for organizing the Sept 25 phone banking training for DAJ members! We will plan another this winter to gear up for the 2022 elections.

The Sept 30 Action meeting: Why Vote in Local Elections? Brought in people from all over DA to talk about the issues that matter locally and globally.

Before the panel discussion, DAJ GOTV Chair, Rebecca Thompkins, held a voter registration clinic to answer voter questions and remind us of the upcoming deadlines.

Electing people locally to influence issues that matter to us all such as voting rights, healthcare, housing, abortion, and gun control, is of the utmost importance! Our panelists shared ideas and experiences working at the local and state levels. We also shared information on the women’s health protection act and how to influence your own state’s voting laws. Thanks to both John’s for their time and efforts!

Sept 21 Action Meeting

The Oct 2 Let’s talk about Sex Reproductive rights workshop brought together members from DA Japan and DA Korea with students from Sophia University. Main discussion topics included the need to dispel myths about sex, and talk more openly about consent and GBV. We also shared information on the ERA and the need to elect the right leaders.

Thanks to all who joined!


Yokohama Historical Walking Tour

w/ Temple University Japan professor Dr. Kyle Cleveland

October 23 at 1:00-6:00pm

Information HERE: