February 2022 DAJ Newsletter

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2022 Feb #1 Newsletter contents:

  1. Message from your national officers
  2. A small action you can take today!
    1. Your help needed at DAJ
    2. Register to Vote for 2022
  3. Vice Chair steps down
  4. A Big Thank You to the Membership Certification Team
  5. Upcoming DA Japan Events
    1. Feb 8 phone banking
    2. Feb 10 Speakeasy
  6. Key election deadlines / dates
  7. Upcoming DAJ Asia Pacific
  8. Upcoming Global Events
    1. State teams
  9. Past Events

🌟Message from your national officers

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Sat Jan 29 for DAj day. It was great to meet some new members, and learn from our get out the vote leaders. See the short report below - the recording will be made available soon!

Farewell but not goodbye

We regretfully inform our membership that as of Sunday Feb 6, our DA Japan Vice Chair, Elliott Davis, has resigned. As you can see from his message below, although at this time he cannot commit time to DAJ, Elliott remains a supportive member of our community. I hope when you see him online or in person you will greet him with open arms and show your support.

Register every year to ensure you can vote

Have you reregistered to vote/requested a ballot yet this year? Just go to www.votefromabroad.org Help us reach new and more voters By sharing this information with all your American friends!

DA Japan needs you to help us reach more potential voters. by sharing the information in this email with 3 American friends you can help us enhance our reach. You are Democrats Abroad Japan. We are as powerful as our members are active. Scroll down for opportunities. There are opportunities to make our voices heard by getting involved - no matter where you are in Japan.

Together we make change happen!

Our DAJ Welcome Page has been renewed with a link to our calendar of events. Key events are also listed below - we hope you will

Join us!

❤️ From your DA Japan Executive Committee

Sarajean (Chair), Dave (Secretary), Regina(Treasurer)

Our DAJ Welcome Page has been renewed with a link to our calendar of events, HERE:.

🌟A small action you can take today!

1️⃣ DA Japan needs you.

  • Special Elections Committee members: be part of local democracy! We are looking for 1 more person to join the committee:
    • open offices include :
      • National Vice Chair, Alternate DPCA Representative, Member At Large - Hokkaido
      • Kansai Chapter Secretary, Treasurer
  • Membership/Fundraising team members needed: help us do some creative fundraising so we can call and write our members and out the vote.
    • Do you have a large social network including American citizens?
      • Check our lists of potential members to find people you know.
    • Phone banking not your thing? Enjoy online research?
      • We also need volunteers to help search public databases for potential members.
  • Communications team: help us spread the word about DAJapan by writing short articles and cross posting information. Help us with the newsletter or events PR.
  • Find out more about way you can help by contacting [email protected]

2️⃣ Register to vote in 2022

UOCAVA (The Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act) guarantees that overseas voters can vote in Federal Elections if they reregister to vote/request a ballot each calendar year. Go to www.votefromabroad.org and just do it today.





🌟Resignation Message

Dear Members of Democrats Abroad Japan,

Thank you for placing your trust in me to serve as your Vice - Chair at our annual meeting in June 2021. I was and still am committed to Democrats Abroad and to working to improve our government. However, due to some unexpected personal developments I unfortunately feel the need to resign from my leadership position so I can focus on some high priority items in my life. It’s not an easy decision for me to make. I look forward to sometime in the future when I can return to a more active role within Democrats Abroad.

In Gratitude,

Elliott I. Davis

P.S. With the 2022 midterm elections coming up, there are plenty of ways to make a difference, large and small. I hope another member of our community will step forward to run for Japan’s Vice Chair position at this year’s upcoming DAJ elections.

🌟A Big Thank You to our Member Certification Team

Every January 31st DAJ has to certify its membership by trying to reach all members who have not been in contact for 4 years or more. This year your Secretary and a team of 16 volunteers contacted 589 members by phone, email, and postcard, and were able to confirm that 48 were still in Japan and wished to remain active members. This growth in percentage terms puts us ahead of almost all of the other Country Committees our size and above, which strengthens your voice and representation in DA International, and gives us greater claim on resources. A Big Thank You to all of the members who confirmed their status, and to all our intrepid volunteers.


🌟Upcoming DA Japan Events

1️⃣ Feb 8 7pm online phone banking training

Learn how to phone bank, meet other cool people from Japan and around the world, and have an impact on the 2022 midterms. Online so you can join from wherever you are.

Eric will show how you can have an impact from the convenience of your own home - even while in your warm pajamas!


2️⃣ Online Speakeasy Feb 10th, 2022 7pm~10pm JST

As always, bring your favorite beverage and hang out with friends old and new. RSVP HERE:

🌟Upcoming DAJ Asia Pacific Events

Online program done in collaboration with Other Asia Pacific Country Committees aimed at raising awareness and motivating more members to vote

  • FEB THEME: Black History month,(HOST: DA Korea)

Interested in organizing events? Want to do something about gun control, taxation or the climate? Let us know! We would love to have events on these issues but need more people to help out! contact [email protected] to find out more!

🌟Upcoming Key election deadlines / dates

March 1 Texas Primary Election: Update

Primary Registration deadlines are quickly approaching!

Feb. 9th to register for a FULL ballot

Feb. 18th to register for a Federal ballot

  • Primary ballots should be postal mailed back ASAP!

🌟Upcoming DA Global Events


For those of you interested in creating change in your state, DA has State TEAMs working on most of the key state and local races.

  • Texas State Team: Sat, Feb. 12th 1pm Eastern 3am JST
  • Florida State Team: Mon, Feb 14th at 1pm Eastern / 3am JST
  • Arizona State Team: Mon, Feb 14th at 1pm Eastern / 3am JST
  • Ohio Buckeye Book Club: Sat, Feb 19st at 9am Eastern / 11pm JST
  • Wisconsin State Team: Sun Feb. 20th 9am Eastern 11pm JST
  • Georgia State Team: Mon, Feb 21st at 1pm Eastern / 3am JST

Join the State Team Slack to get the meeting links or write to [email protected]




26 DAJ members attended our DAJ DAY event starting with an excellent GoTV training by our GoTV Committee Chair, Rebecca Tompkins, followed by our Town Hall event. We introduced DAJ and all our activities, and then broke up into separate online rooms to dive deeper on GoTV/Phone banking, Communications, and Membership/Fundraising. At the end we took a photo of how each of us planned to be more engaged.


$5 a month - Just 2 coffees or 1 frap a month - Can have a big impact for DA and DAJ!

if we raise $ 3000 we can call all our members 2X this year to get them to vote

  • that's just 30 people @ $100 per year or 60 people @ $5 per month

Click HERE: to donate to Democrats Abroad. We especially need sustaining (monthly) donors.