The DA Global Disability Caucus leaders are:

Marnie Delaney
| Chair - Global Disability Caucus and Violence Against Women Task Force -----Global Women's Caucus Steering Committee-- Medicare Portability Task Force
Anthony Nitz
| Country Committee Vice Chair; Chair, Global VMF Caucus; Global Disability Caucus Steering Committee
Caroline Ruchonnet
| DPCA Representative, UK ExCom, UK Scotland Chapter Vice Chair, EMEA Deputy RVC
Denise Roig
| GDC Member-at-Large - Americas | GDC Allyship Initiative | Global Women’s Caucus Comms Team
Kenneth sherman
| DNC Member Americas Region | DPCA Voting Rep
Heather Stone
| DA Israel, Vice Chair/ DA Deputy International Counsel (Global)/ DA Medicare Portability Task Force, Chair/ DA Israel NPO, President
Elizabeth Blackbourn
| DA China - Chair | GDC - Comms | DPCA - Voting Rep
Allyssa Schoenemann
| GDC Education & Awareness Coordinator
Lissette Wright
| DPCA Voting Rep, Canada | Proud GDC Member | Former Int'l Treasurer

Committee leaders are either elected or appointed. Elections are held in odd numbered years in accordance with the DPCA Charter.