Important Primary Voting Information for PA, OH, GA, and NC

This month, all eyes are on Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, and North Carolina as we gear up for May primaries. If you have not registered and requested your absentee ballot, go to today.

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Win the Day: A GOTV Competition


Join Democrats Abroad Germany as we stage a friendly competition among our 14 chapters to GET OUT THE VOTE and WIN BIG in 2022!

The official competition begins on January 6 and you can earn points for your chapter by completing various tasks until March 3, 2022.

We will be kicking things off on January 6 with our online BINGO game! Get the game card and instructions by RSVPing here. From January 6 until and including January 15 (Overseas Voter Registration Day), all activities are worth double the value.

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DA Germany January News

HAPPY 2022 from Democrats Abroad Germany!

For overseas citizens, a new calendar year means it’s time to (re-)register and request your ballot — even if you voted last time around! 

Our suggestion? Go to RIGHT NOW and submit your Federal Post Card Application (ballot request/voter registration, if applicable). Once the form has been accepted, you will receive ballots for all primary, special, and general elections for which you are eligible this year. Come November, 34 U.S. Senate seats, all 435 U.S. Representative seats, 46 state legislatures, and 36 state governorships will be on the line! 

Your vote counts in 2022 more than ever. Make sure you’re ready to use it! #KnowWhatToDoIn2022 

Keep reading to find out more about how you can do the following:

I. Join our special event to commemorate the January 6 Capitol riot

II. Help us get out the vote in 2022

III. Receive important updates from the DA state outreach teams

IV. Participate in other exciting events this month  

V. Support Democrats Abroad Germany 

VI. Stay up to date with the latest news from DAG


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Submit Amendments to the DA Germany Bylaws

At our upcoming Annual General Meeting on the weekend of March 4-6, 2022, we will be voting on proposed amendments to the DA Germany Bylaws. If you would like to propose an amendment, please send your proposal to [email protected] by January 31, 2022 with the following information:

  • Changes you would like to make, listing Article and Section number where the changes should be applied. Please include either a direct mark-up of the text or describe your proposed change(s).
  • What is the goal of making this proposal?
  • How does this proposal achieve that goal?

You can find a copy of the current DAG bylaws here to help you formulate proposed changes.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Nina Turner on Victories, Lessons Learned & the Progressive Road Ahead

The Global Progressive Caucus, together with the Global Black Caucus, Ohio State Team, and Reparations Task Force, invites you to a special conversation with the one and only Nina Turner on December 11 at 9:00 a.m. ET / 3:00 p.m. CET / 10:00 p.m. Beijing time! 

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DAG Veterans & Military Families Caucus: November News

As we approach Veterans Day, the DAG Veterans and Military Families Caucus is pleased to invite you—all members, veterans, military families—to attend the U.S. Consulate General Frankfurt’s virtual Veterans Info Session on Monday, November 8 from 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. CET. 
We have listened carefully to your concerns about services available to you in Germany, and the Consulate has designed this program especially for you! 
Please RSVP on our event page to receive the Zoom link. 
We are also preparing our Voter Outreach for the 2022 elections and hope you will be able to join our Absentee Ballot Team! If you are a veteran, family member, active duty, DoD civilian, please let us know by sending us an email at [email protected].
On November 11, our Caucus will present a wreath at the Luxembourg American Cemetery. While it is not yet announced  if the Veterans Day ceremony will be open to the public, let us know if you would be interested in attending. If you have friends who would like to join the VMF caucus, they can sign up at
Stay healthy! Get your Flu Shot and Covid Booster!
Please check our website for information updates:
Best wishes, 
Your DAG VMF Caucus

DA Germany November News

We hope everyone had a spooky, festive Halloween weekend!

With Election Day almost upon us, Democrats Abroad Germany is laser-focused on making sure all of our members' voices count. We are also looking ahead to the crucial 2022 midterm year and honing our strategy to get out the vote among Americans overseas. 

Join us in the fight to increase Democratic majorities in Congress and in state and local governments across the country! Keep reading to find out the latest updates on how you can do the following:

I. Participate in DAG Get Out the Vote Initiatives 

II. Support DAG with a donation or Swag Shop purchase

III. Meet the DAG Chairs

IV. Join Local Activities in Your Chapter

V. Learn about DAG Caucus Activities

VI. Stay up to date with all the latest DAG developments


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VMF Caucus Announcements: Military Retiree Benefits & Donations to Afghan Evacuees

The DA Germany Veterans and Military Families Caucus has several important announcements this month regarding donations to Afghan evacuees at Ramstein Air Base and military retiree benefits. 

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Better Together: Know What to Do in 2022

On Saturday, September 4, 2021, DAG will set up tables all over Germany and reach out online to let American citizens know we are here and ready to help them stay engaged with U.S. democracy.  Let’s get out there in person and on social media to find Americans to join us.

New to Democrats Abroad? Sign up to receive a reminder postcard in January 2022! One and done – you’ll be set to receive every absentee ballot for the whole calendar year, from special elections to the all-important midterms.

Already a member? Sign on to help with one of our ongoing initiatives, from coloring personal postcards to making phone calls, to joining in with Caucuses and State Teams. It’s all hands on deck to get out the vote for the high-stakes midterm elections! Sign on by contacting your chapter GOTV coordinator or by emailing [email protected] 

Sign up or sign on and you qualify for our REGISTRATION PRIZE DRAW! Collect your ticket by visiting one of our tables in a city near you. Receive extra tickets and up your chances by making a donation or bringing a friend to join. 

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

We’re better together!

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DA Florida State Outreach Team Planning Meeting!

Florida Voters! Join us on Thursday, September 2 at 7:00 pm CET for a planning meeting to set priorities for the next year to turn Florida BLUE with important Senate/Governor/House races!  An invitation is going out to Manny Diaz, Chair, Florida Democratic Party, to speak at a "launch" event! We are looking for volunteers to connect with the various state-based political organizations and voter registration groups to get out the vote. Please RSVP to [email protected]. The Zoom link and agenda will be sent out the day before the meeting. We look forward to seeing you there!

By the way, please do sign up for the DA phonebanking training being held August 30/31 and September 1 by registering at