"Don't Let Them Take Away Your Democracy!" August 2020 Newsletter

Fellow Democrats, 

With the Democratic National Convention (DNC) drawing to an end, Democrats around the world are reminded of how many talented, competent, and diverse candidates the Democratic Party has to offer — officials at all levels of government who are eager to repair the damage the current administration has done and to help create policies that work for all. We're reminded that things don't have to be the way they are. But we must show up on November 3 to get Democrats elected. As President Obama so bluntly stated last night, we cannot let them take away our democracyFor overseas voters especially, this means making a plan NOW to ensure that you're registered to vote and that your ballot will make it to the United States on time. Right here in Germany, we're gearing up for the biggest election of our lifetimes and doing everything we can to help Americans in Germany vote. But we need your help and engagement!

Read below for important updates on voting, how you can get involved, developments within DA Germany (like the founding of our 14th chapter, DA Saxony!), upcoming events (like a post-DNC conversation with DA's three delegates from Germany!), and how you can order Biden-Harris and DA merchandise (pictures below). 


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Democrats Abroad Germany sends three Delegates to the Democratic National Convention

Democrats Abroad Germany sends three Delegates to the Democratic National Convention

Drei Delegierten von Democrats Abroad Germany nehmen an der Democratic National Convention teil

Tyler Cofield, Anya Leonhard and Diego Rivas are responsible for representing Democrats Abroad, probably the most diverse “state party”  as well as the campaign of the candidate they are pledged to at this unconventional DNC Convention.

Meet the young sovereign delegates. 

Tyler Cofield, Anya Leonhard und Diego Rivas vertreten Democrats Abroad, der wohl vielfältigsten "Staatspartei", sowie den Wahlkampf des Kandidaten, dem sie bei diesem unkonventionellen DNC-Kongress verpflichtet sind.

Lernen Sie die jungen souveränen Delegierten kennen.

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Get Your Go Vote Supplies


There are an estimated 120,000 U.S. citizens living in Germany, all of whom we want to remind to request their absentee ballots (request yours here). During these times of social distancing, this has become a more challenging task, but there is an easy way for you to help us reach voters: Get some Democrats Abroad and Vote From Abroad merchandise!

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Solidarity with International Students - Statement from DA Germany Student Outreach Team & Youth Caucus

As members of the DA Germany Student Outreach Team and Youth Caucus, we stand in solidarity with international students pursuing their education at U.S. institutions and call for the immediate retraction of the proposed Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) policies that unjustly target them.

On July 6, 2020, ICE released a statement that announced holders of certain student visas (F-1 and M-1) would be denied entry, extensions or targeted for deportation if they were not enrolled in in-person courses. The changes limit the amount of online credit hours students can take, at a time when more universities are switching to full-time online teaching in face of the CoVid-19 pandemic. This is a direct attack on the physical and mental well-being of students and local communities.

At a moment when the political and social demands of Black, Indigenous and people of color are being elevated and fought for in the streets, we understand that the proposed changes disproportionally affect international students from lower economic backgrounds or global spaces with limited technology, making online courses increasingly difficult. It similarly denies students who left the USA at the beginning of the pandemic an opportunity to return to the lives they have built. We find this unacceptable and in-line with other condemnable ICE policies that target migrant communities throughout the United States.

From our own experiences studying abroad in Germany (and various other places), we know that the denial of a visa does not only mean refused access to education but it also means the upheaval of personal lives and connections that are built every day, for some it may even mean a loss of livelihood. International students are a crucial part of the lives of universities and colleges not only in the US but worldwide, and they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. We appreciate initiatives at the state-level aimed at protecting students and stopping the regulations from being implemented.

We therefore stand in solidarity with all international students in the United States and globally.

Links to support:


Make a Vote From Abroad Video



Make a video letting people know why you vote from abroad.

Your video will be used to make a compilation video of members of Democrats Abroad saying “I vote from abroad because” and then their reason

You can make a partisan video. Or you can make a non-partisan which refers to general issues such as the environment, health care, etc. with mentioning anyone in particular.


Here is a sample video to use as a template




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Donate to Democrats Abroad Germany

We are 100% volunteer-run — we have no paid staff or consultants and no offices. Our mission is to find and mobilize the more than 120,000 Americans living in Germany to vote. In 2016, it is estimated that only 17% of Americans in Germany actually voted. In that election year, we calculated that every Euro spent resulted in 3 new members/voters. Awareness of DA Germany and our mission is key!

In 2020, we were able to be the margin of victory in a number of races thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and the numerous donations we received. We are already working to prepare for 2022 and its clear how important it will be for Democrats to maintain control of the Senate and House of Representatives. While we have little overhead, we do have costs for activities like mailings, phone banking, advertising, software, etc.

Please join us and donate to turn out the American vote in Germany for Democrats!

Account Name: Democrats Abroad Germany
IBAN: DE04 5405 0220 0140 2702 99


Become a Sustaining Monthly Donor

For as little as €5.00 per month, you can ensure that DA Germany has the foundation we need to stay focused on our mission instead of spending our time fundraising to pay our bills. To schedule a direct deposit donation, please set up a “Dauerauftrag” from your German bank account using our account information below. We gladly accept donations in greater amounts!

Make a One-Time Donation

To make a one-time donation, please use our bank information (Euros) or mailing address (US Dollars) below to do so. If you are donating to a specific campaign (for example, Dialing for Democracy), please indicate that under "Verwendungszweck".

Donate for Merchandise

We have swag! Our merchandise program also helps fund our voter outreach and education programs.

Thank you for your support!

Dialing for Democracy Recap

On Flag Day, DA Germany phonebankers, along with volunteers from 11 other countries, came together to participate in Dialing for Democracy, a one-day call-a-thon and fundraiser. Our goal was to reach as many overseas voters as possible to remind them to request their absentee ballots for November, something you can do right now at So how did it go?!

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Phone Banking and VFA Training


  • Get involved in phone banking: We need you to help us reach Americans in Germany and beyond!

Sign up for phone banking:

Sign up for an online training class here. Please RSVP to receive the link to connect to the training:

Thursday, August 13 at 7:00 PM Berlin

Wednesday, August 19 at 3:00 PM Berlin

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Voter Registration Assistance for U.S. Citizens


Do you want to request your absentee ballot for the upcoming elections? Is there a question or concern that is getting in the way? Let us help you!

Please fill out our contact form. We will do our best to have a volunteer respond to you within 48 hours.
Thank you!

Attend an online in-person help session

Click any of the links below, RSVP to the event and you will receive an email with a Zoom link to connect to our voter help desk.

Office Hours (Voter Assistance) Thursday, June 25, 6:30 PM. More Info/RSVP

Office Hours (Voter Assistance) Tuesday, July 7, 7:00 PM. More Info/RSVP

Office Hours (Voter Assistance) Wednesday, July 15, 5:00 PM. More Info/RSVP

Office Hours (Voter Assistance) Sunday, July 26, 5:30 PM. More Info/RSVP


*All of our voter assistance is non-partisan, and we will help any U.S. citizen register to vote regardless of where they live, where they vote, or what party they support.*


Request your absentee ballot for the November election at

DAG Juneteenth Activities


Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, and Liberation Day, is an unofficial American holiday and an official Texas state holiday. It is celebrated annually on the 19th of June in America to commemorate Union army general Gordon Granger's reading of federal orders in the city of Galveston, Texas, on 19 June 1865, proclaiming all slaves in Texas were now free. Although the Emancipation Proclamation had formally freed them almost two and a half years earlier, and the American Civil War had largely ended with the defeat of the Confederate States in April, Texas was the most remote of the slave states, with a low presence of Union troops, so enforcement of the proclamation had been slow and inconsistent. Democratic Governors Cuomo (NY) and Northam (VA) recently made Juneteenth a paid day off for all state employees.

We have several events to commemorate Juneteenth.

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