URGENT: AZ, FL, GA Voters - Check Your Ballot Status! Here’s How



The Senate race is too close to call, with Dem Kyrsten Sinema pulling slightly ahead. We can win this! But we need to make sure your vote is counted.

✅Ballot verification includes a signature check. If there is an issue with your signature, your vote might not be counted.

☎️If your ballot status does not say “Accepted,” call your local election office immediately. Find them here:…/contact-information-county-election-off…?

🗣“Hi my name is [NAME] and I’m an overseas voter from [County]. I want to be sure that my ballot will be counted. Do you have everything you need from me? If my signature match has not been confirmed, what can I do?"

🚨If the election office is unable to verify your ballot or you have other issues, let us know ASAP:

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Vote! Time is Running Out - November 2018 Newsletter



The 2018 midterms elections are almost here. Thanks for helping make 2018 a successful year. We have added thousands of members this year, made thousands of phone banking calls, and had a whole lot of events and marches this year.

Thousands of Americans abroad have already requested, received and returned their ballots. If you have already voted? Great! Tell the world by sharing this meme with your friends and family.

Your ballot will be counted if it arrives in time. Don't miss out! Know your deadlines and exercise your right to vote this year.  Find your state's deadlines here. If your state allows ballots to be returned by email please use this method to get your ballot in on time.

Some states require that ballots must be returned by regular mail or fax. If you do not have access to a fax machine, you can use the DoD FAX SERVICE to return your ballot quickly. Learn how to use it here.

If you still need to request a ballot there is still time. Go to to request your ballot. It is really important that you vote this year.

AZ, CA, CT, IL, MI, NV, PA, SC, VA, WA voters: There may be an important issue to note regarding your application deadline or access to your ballot. Find out more here.

There is still time to return your ballot. According to the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP), 3% of ballots from Uniformed and Overseas Citizens were rejected in 2016. Of this 3%, the primary reason reported for ballot rejection was receipt of the ballot after the statutory election deadline. (Report)

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How To Vote Using a Back-up Ballot


Haven’t received your official Ballot yet? Concerned your official ballot won’t get to you in time to meet the ballot return deadlines?

Overseas voters can VOTE NOW using the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (“FWAB” or Back-up Ballot)!

STEP I. Did You Send in Your Ballot Request Form (the Federal Post Card Application) for 2018?

If you vote in AZ, CO, ME, MN, MS, MT, OR, SC, UT or WA, you can skip this step. On the FWAB, you can check the box to submit your Ballot Request at the same time. (Go to Step II).

All other voters: Verify with your Local Election Official (LEO) that they received your Ballot Request form for 2018 and have sent out your official ballot. You can find the contact information on the State Voting Guide:

  • If your LEO has sent out your official ballot, but you are concerned you won’t receive it in time to meet the deadline to vote, send in a FWAB to preserve your vote. (Go to Step II). _You should also find out why you didn’t receive your official ballot in time, so you don’t have this problem next election. _
  • If your LEO hasn’t received your ballot request form–or you haven’t sent it in yet–go to to fill out your form and send it to your LEO right away. Then go to Step II. The deadline for the Ballot Request form is earlier than the deadline to submit a FWAB, but most states will accept it by Email or Fax.


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How to Fax Your Ballot by Without a Fax Machine

Some states require that ballots must be returned by regular mail or fax. If you do not have access to a fax machine, you can use the DoD FAX SERVICE.
  • What is the DoD Fax Service? 
If you need to send your election materials to your election official by fax but do not have access to a fax machine you can email them to and FVAP will fax your election materials for you. This service is fax only. If your State accepts your election materials by email, you should email them directly to your election official. FVAP will not transmit email to email transactions.
  • Does it matter what size paper I use?
    No. Any paper size is acceptable as long the information is legible.
  • You will need to print and fill out this Voter Transmission Cover Sheet-In Bound From Voters. Voters should use this fax transmission cover sheet as a cover sheet when faxing or emailing election materials back to their local election office.
If your forms can be emailed, DO NOT USE FAX@FVAP.GOV. Email them directly to your election official. Email addresses for your election official can be found at

What To Do If You Haven't Received Your Ballot Yet


It's getting close to the election and I haven't received my blank ballot yet. What should I do?

If you successfully submitted a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA), your state is required to send out your ballot 45 days before the election. For the November General Elections, ballots are typically sent out by the third week of September. (To verify your FPCA was received and approved, see FAQ #19 (“How Do I Check If I Am Registered To Vote And My Ballot Request Form Was Received So That I’ll Receive An Overseas Ballot?”)

If you’re concerned you may not receive your blank ballot in time to return it by the deadline for voted ballots, you can vote using the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB)–also known as the “back-up ballot”. For detailed instructions how to use a FWAB, please go here:

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Veterans Crisis Line - Call If You Need Help

BeThere-1024x535.jpegPhoto courtesy of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Feeling anxious or alone and thinking about suicide are some of the signs that a Veteran may be in crisis. No matter what you are experiencing, there is support for getting your life back on track. A trained responder will answer your call, text, or chat and ask you a few questions. You can decide how much you want to share.

Veterans Crisis Line - Call If You Need Help

The Military Crisis Line is staffed by caring, qualified responders from VA. Many are Veterans themselves. They understand what Service members have been through and the challenges that members of the military and their loved ones face.

  • In Europe call 00800 1273 8255 or DSN 118 *.  In Europe, toll-free service may not be available through all carriers or in all countries.
  • In Korea call 0808 555 118 or DSN 118
  • In Afghanistan call 00 1 800 273 8255 or DSN 111

Dial 1-800-273-8255 and press 1 to reach Veterans Crisis Line may work in some areas, dependent on location and phone carrier.

Dialing the local US Embassy and request a transfer to the Veterans Crisis Line

Online: Through Veterans Chat, 24/7. Veterans may chat online with a Veterans Crisis Line Responder; or, if preferring to speak on the phone, he or she may provide a phone number to the Veterans Crisis Line Chat Responder and a Veterans Crisis Line Phone Responder will call him or her directly.

Text (838255) It may work in some overseas areas but depends on the carrier and location.

For more information here: 

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September 2018 Newsletter


Primary season is almost at an end and there are 60 days until the midterm elections. There is even less time until the cutoff date for overseas voters to request their ballots. If you have not registered to vote/requested your ballot, now is the time. Go to and do it today! 

If your state's primary has already occurred and you didn’t receive a ballot for that election, you probably not registered. There is still time to request a ballot for the general election in November. Every American can vote in this election so please request your ballot.  Democrats Abroad are the margin of victory in lots of race. Every vote counts!


If you are already registered, it doesn't hurt to check your registration at This election is extremely important, don’t be disenfranchised.

Do you need information on the candidates running in your state's elections?  You can use Ballotpedia’s Sample Ballot Lookup Tool. All you need is your voting address and you can find out who’s running in the various elections. There are links to the candidates' website’s, information on ballot measures and more. If your state has not had it’s primary elections yet, you can get information on primary candidates there too.

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Phone Bank and Win!


As activists, we know how crucial the November 6th Mid-term elections are for our futures. Every glance at the news brings new outrage and feelings of despair. We also know that the best way to combat that helpless feeling is to do something to fight back.

But what can we do now? Well, you don’t have to lead the whole parade to be an activist! The most valuable work we can do right now is to reach out to each other! Democrats Abroad is making an extra push to have our members personally call fellow members and remind them to register to vote.

Everyone who signs up to phone bank is automatically entered to win. The top 4 call makers in September will receive a prize. Sign up today, help us win in the midterm election. You will be talking to your fellow Democrats, so most people will be happy to talk you. Phone banking it the most efficient way to get people to request a ballot. It's not cold calls. It's calling like-minded people. Many of them will miss the deadlines because they forget. Calling our members is the best way to ensure they request their ballots and vote.

First Place Prize: 50 € Amazon Gift Card

Second Place Prize: One ticket to the 2018 Munich Oktoberfest

Third Place Prize: A bottle of Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Fourth Place Prize: A bottle of Gin Sul made in Hamburg

It is not too late, we still have hundreds of calls to make to reach all DA Germany members! You can choose from the “DA Germany Non-Berlin” or the “DA Germany-Berlin” campaign in the DA CallHub and talk directly to other DA members reminding them, not only to register to vote and request their ballot but to join the local chapter or precinct next meeting and events.

DA uses an online system that lets you make no-cost calls from your computer. There is even an on-screen script for you to use. Please click below for a step-by-step guide on how to get started. Even 5 quick calls from each of us will go a long way in powering the blue wave that will transform Washington in November! Give it a try! Sign up for phone banking.

Note: You will need Google Chrome to use Callhub. Download it here.

If you have any questions please contact the international team at or
Beverly at  or Katie at

Thanks for helping!

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Democrats Abroad Day! - Saturday, September 8


Happy Democrats Abroad Day!

Mark your calendars and help us celebrate: The first annual Democrats Abroad Day will take place around the world this Saturday, September 8!

Democrats Abroad Day is an annual celebration to show off your Democrats Abroad pride, wherever you are.

If your local chapter is hosting an event, we hope you’ll join. But to celebrate with as many of you as possible, and to tell the world that we represent the 9 million Americans overseas who are engaged and VOTE, we’re asking you to join our virtual party, too.

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How to Help Make the Blue Wave Happen


Want to help make the blue wave happen? Here are four things you can do in your home:

  1. Remind your Democratic-leaning friends abroad and in America to vote in the midterm elections.
  2. Share the three memes in this post on your social networks. If you belong to any online groups, share the meme with them too. In this election, everyone counts. 
  3. Ask your stateside Alma Mater to help study abroad students Vote From Abroad. It’s easy to do and you can find all the information you need to do it here.
  4. Sign up for Phone banking and do it. The best way to get people to vote is to call them and remind them to vote. It is not too late, we still have a few hundred calls to make to reach all DA Germany members! You can choose from the “DA Germany Non-Berlin” or the “DA Germany-Berlin” campaign in the DA CallHub and talk directly to other DA members reminding them, not only to register to vote and request their ballot but to join the local chapter or precinct next meeting and events.
  • To log in to your Callhub account, go to and click on "login" in the upper right corner. When you get to the next screen, enter your Username (example: DE-Beverly-Seebach) and your password. Note: You must use Google Chrome to phone bank.
  • If you don't remember your password, just click on "forgot" in the corner of the password box and we'll email instructions how to set up a new password.

* * * * *

And please be sure to review the Updated Phone banking Training Materials for a full explanation of recent updates to the Phone banking system:

UPDATED GOTV Phone banking Introduction (June 2018).  Please review all, but especially new slides 17, 18 and 21-25

UPDATED 2018 Phone banking Do's and Don'ts (June 2018)

If you have any questions please contact the international team at or Beverly at  or Katie at

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