The DA Germany leaders are:

Ron Schlundt Peaceman
| Treasurer, Germany
Emily Lines
| Events and Fundraising Coordinator, Germany; Vice Chair, Berlin; DPCA Representative; Global Co-Chair, AAPI Caucus
Matthew LeMieux
| Münster-Osnabrück Chapter Chair
Katie Solon
| DNC member; Phonebanking Coordinator, Germany; DPCA Representative, Germany
Susan Penrod
| Global IT Team; Membership/IT Coordinator, Germany
Angela Fobbs
| Global Black Caucus Chair; Communications Coordinator, Germany and GWC;
Quaide Williams
| EMEA Deputy; Chapter Development Coordinator, Germany; DPCA Representative
Teresa Ritterhoff
| Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Coordinator, Germany
Powen Shiah
| Global AAPI Caucus Steering Committee; DPCA Representative, Germany; Communications & Press Officer, Berlin
| At home or abroad, I think it's crucial for Americans to participate in the political process.
James Moss
| Veterans and Military Families Chair, Germany
Derek Bembry
| Black Caucus Chair, Germany
Thorin Engeseth
| Hispanic Caucus Chair, Germany

Committee leaders are either elected or appointed. Elections are held in the first quarter of odd numbered years as prescribed in the Country Committee bylaws.