The DA Germany leaders are:

Candice Kerestan
| Chair, Germany
Jennifer von Estorff
| Secretary, Germany; Hannover Precinct Captain
Ronald Schlundt
| Treasurer, Germany
Shari Temple
| Global IT Team Chair; DA Germany Voting Rep; Global Women's Caucus Steering Team; ERA Project Coordinator
Diego Rivas
| Berlin Chapter Chair; DPCA Representative, Germany
| Vote from abroad. Discuss the issues. See change. 
Nancy Schimkat
| Heidelberg Chapter Chair; DPCA Representative, Germany
Kelsey McLendon
| Stuttgart Chapter Chair; Progressive Caucus Chair, Germany; DPCA Representative, Germany
Quaide Williams
| EMEA Deputy, Chapter Development Coordinator, Germany; DPCA Representative
Kate Leader
| Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Coordinator, Germany
Beverly Seebach
| Media Contact, Germany
Katie Solon
| Phonebanking Coordinator, Germany; DPCA Representative, Germany
Thorin Engeseth
| Hispanic Caucus Chair, Germany; Hispanic Caucus Steering Committee Member
Susan Penrod
| Global IT Team; Membership/IT Coordinator, Germany
Derek Bembry
| Black Caucus Chair, Germany
Emily Lines
| Events & Fundraising Coordinator, Germany; Vice Chair, Berlin; DPCA Representative
Robert Scott
| DPCA Representative, Germany
Jon Neel
| DPCA Representative; Vice Chair, Stuttgart
Powen Shiah
| Communications & Press Officer, Berlin; DPCA Representative, Germany
| At home or abroad, I think it's crucial for Americans to participate in the political process.

Committee leaders are either elected or appointed. Elections are held in the first quarter of odd numbered years as prescribed in the Country Committee bylaws.