Saxony Acting Chapter Chair

Originally from Houston, Texas, I moved to Osnabrück, Germany, in 2015 to pursue my M.A. in International Migration and Intercultural Relations. During that time, I became involved with Democrats Abroad Münster-Osnabrück. My family shares strong ties to Houston’s sister city of Leipzig, so I regularly traveled to Leipzig while living in Osnabrück, completing several internships and contract positions at the City of Leipzig’s Office for International Affairs. When I finished my studies, I took the first opportunity to relocate to my favorite German city and help establish a local DA group in our region. Initially, I served as Leipzig-Halle Precinct Captain and Voting Center Manager for the first-ever Global Presidential Primary in Leipzig. Now I am Acting Chapter Chair for Democrats Abroad Saxony. I enjoy the community of Dems that has grown in Leipzig and surrounding areas. Together with our friends in Dresden and Chemnitz, we are proud and excited to have established the 14th DAG chapter!