November 23, 2023

Take Action for a New York State Reparations Commission!

New York is poised to become the second state after California to enact a statewide reparations commission. The body would be tasked with examining the long-lasting effects of chattel slavery and racial discrimination in New York, as well as developing proposals to address ongoing injustices. 

We are calling on Governor Kathy Hochul to sign S1163A into law before the end of the year. The bill passed out of both chambers of the state legislature in June 2023 but has seen no action since. If not signed by the end of the year, S1163A will expire.

Join the Democrats Abroad Reparations Task Force in urging Governor Hochul to sign this historic piece of legislation—a critical step toward ensuring an equal, thriving future for Black New Yorkers. Show your support for a New York reparations commission by signing this petition and/or by contacting the governor’s office using our script and instructions below.

The time is now for reparations!


Contact Governor Hochul’s Office

New Yorkers, please contact Governor Hochul’s office encouraging her to sign S1163A into law. You may either send a written request via this online submission form (using your U.S. voting address) and/or call the governor’s office at +1-518-474-8390 (office hours: 9:00 a.m. ET to 5:00 p.m. ET).

Sample Call/Email Script:

Hello, my name is [name]. I am a New York voter from [hometown/voting district], residing in [current place of residence]. 

I am reaching out asking you to sign S1163A into law to create a New York State reparations commission without further delay. This commission would help us to reckon with the whole truth of our state's history and recommend how to repair the ongoing impacts of enslavement and racial discrimination on Black communities today.

Enacting a reparations commission is a necessary step toward ensuring an equal, thriving future for all New Yorkers. Please do not let this historic opportunity pass us by. 

Thank you.