April 10, 2024

Demystifying Taxes & Voting Webinar on Monday, April 15

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Join us for a free Zoom webinar on Demystifying Taxes & Voting on Monday, April 15 at 1pm ET / 7pm CEST.

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What: Demystifying Voting & Taxes Webinar
Where: Zoom webinar
When: Monday, April 15 at 1pm ET / 7pm CEST (view your time zone)
RSVP: Free to attend. Suggested donation of $12.50 General Admission or $7.50 Retired/Student/Unemployed. Recording available. Click to RSVP

This event aims to debunk the myths about taxes and voting for Americans abroad. It will be presented by Rebecca Lammers, Chair of the Democrats Abroad Taxation Task Force and International Member of the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel. We will clarify how voting works for Americans abroad and the link, if any, between it and federal and state taxes.

This session is for Americans abroad/U.S. citizens/dual citizens/expats who:

  • Are scared to vote in US elections due to complicated taxes
  • Have adult dual citizen children that haven't voted in US elections and want to learn how to vote
  • Avoided voting in certain elections for fear of state taxes
  • Want to better understand if Americans abroad are liable for state tax

Topics discussed in the session will include:

  • Why taxes shouldn't be a barrier to voting in US elections for Americans abroad and dual citizens
  • How to vote from abroad in US elections
  • The basics of federal & state taxes for Americans abroad
  • How to figure out if you're eligible to vote in state and local elections
  • The importance of voting for Americans abroad

If you are unable to attend this event, RSVP anyway to be emailed the recording after the event takes place.

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Note: No tax professionals will be speaking at this webinar. If you have questions specific to your circumstances, please seek the advice of a qualified tax professional.

P.S. Worried about taxes as we get closer to tax day? Check out our other upcoming webinars and recordings from our recent webinars here.

Disclaimer: Democrats Abroad cannot provide individual tax advice. We are not tax lawyers, accountants, or advisers. Please consult a professional tax adviser/accountant/return preparer when addressing your personal tax matters.

We recommend the IRS Tax Return Preparer Directory to find a service provider who meets your needs and budget, though buyers need always beware. Democrats Abroad suggests Americans abroad in need of tax advice consult the IRS Tax Return Preparer Directory to find an advisor or tax return preparer near you or provide online services: https://irs.treasury.gov/rpo/rpo.jsf.