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  • Americans Abroad and the $1,400 Economic Impact Payment


    Join Democrats Abroad as tax expert Nathalie Goldstein MsC, EA and CEO of MyExpatTaxes discusses how to receive your third $1,400 Economic Impact Payment as an American living abroad, plus discusses 101 tax basics.

    The webinar will cover common questions like:

    • How can I receive my payment if I moved?
    • Can I still receive the $1,200 from last year?
    • How can I receive a direct transfer rather than a check?
    • How can I receive my payment if I haven't filed my US taxes for a long time?
    • How do I obtain the additional $600 per qualifying child?
    • Can I get $1,200 if I'm married to a non-US spouse?

    WHEN: Thursday, April 22, 2021, 9am CET View in your time zone

    WHERE: Zoom call

    RSVP below, and we will send you an email with access details.

    While there is no donation required to attend, we hope you’ll consider a donation of $10. Click here to donate.

    Thank you for your support - we look forward to you joining the webinar! 

    IMPORTANT:  Democrats Abroad does not provide personal tax advice or recommendations.  We recommend that you engage a qualified, professional tax adviser to address questions related to your personal financial situation.

    April 22, 2021 at 9am
    Zoom call
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  • New Leader Orientation 2021, Session 1 (AP/EMEA-friendly time)

    2021 New Leader Orientation (Session 1)

    (photo from the 2019 EMEA Regional Meeting in Athens)

    Saturday, 24 April 2021, 3:00-6:00 AM EDT (check your local time HERE)

    Newly-elected leaders are invited to attend a New Leader Orientation session, facilitated by the Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East, and Africa regional teams.  Current leaders and volunteers are also welcome to join as a refresher, as are those who are candidates for local office where elections have not yet taken place.

    During this three-hour orientation, we will cover the following Democrats Abroad basics:

    • Our purpose, our organizational structure, and how we conduct business (45 minutes)
    • Our IT Team and key resources (30 minutes)
    • Our Comms Team and how we share our messages (20 minutes)
    • Our other teams and committees that support leaders and Country Committees (40 minutes)
    • Upcoming and regular regional and global meetings (20 minutes)

    There will also be a ten-minute break, along with Q&A opportunities.

    Please RSVP for the WebEx link.

    A second New Leader orientation session, covering the same topics, will also be held at an Americas/EMEA-friendly time on Saturday, 08 May between 12:00-3:00 PM EDT.  To register for that session, please visit this event page to RSVP.

    April 24, 2021 at 3am
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    Global Black Caucus For The Win


    Help Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus fight for our democracy in 2021 and beyond.

    Donations of any size will help us "Get Out the Vote" and support the Biden/Harris Administration in the mid-term elections.



    Donations are to Democrats Abroad (Democratic Party Committee Abroad) and not to any candidate for Federal Office.


  • Received a US Govt stimulus check and not sure how to cash it? Try these steps


    PayPal is now allowing you to deposit your stimulus check for free with a US PayPal account. This requires setting up a free PayPal account but you need to verify it with a US phone number. More information on how to cash your stimulus check for free with PayPal is here.


    1. Make inquiries with banks in the country where you live about U.S. Government check cashing facilities.

    Not all banks do, but at least a few in each country are likely to. They may or may not charge a fee. You will need to inquire.

    The following banks accept U.S. checks. If you know of any more, please email us so we can add more to the list:

    • Lloyd's Bank (UK)
    • Bank of Scotland (UK)
    • NatWest (UK)
    • Barclays (UK)
    • HSBC (International)
    • DKB (German online bank)
    • Sparda Bank (Germany)
    • Sparkassen (Germany)
    • UBS (Switzerland)
    • Credit Suisse (Switzerland)
    • Crédit Agricole (France)
    It may not be preferable, but you might need to consider opening a bank account a new account in one of these banks in order to cash your stimulus check.

    2. Sign the check over to a friend or family member with a U.S. bank account.

    Keep in mind that this person doesn't have to be in the U.S. or even a U.S. citizen in order to cash the check for you. It can be anyone with a U.S. bank account that you trust. And keep in mind that not all U.S. banks allow signing a check over remotely. The process for how to sign a check over is explained in this article. It's a lot simpler than it may initially sound, especially for those that have lived outside the U.S. in a country where checks are not typically used. 

    But you do need to trust the person to make sure that once the money is in their account, they'll definitely transfer the money to your account. So if you go this route, be sure you pick someone that you trust.

    3. Open a U.S. bank account.

    There are a number of commercial banks that will allow you to open a U.S. bank account from a non-US address. They may charge you to open an account or require some other fee(s). This is obviously less than ideal, but if it solves the problem then it might be worth the effort.

    You can set up a U.S. bank account with the State Department Federal Credit Union if you live abroad and have no U.S. address. SDFCU accounts are not free of charge. See here for details.

    4. Call the IRS

    You can call the IRS, explain your situation, and ask if there are any other options available for you to get the money. They may say that you can wait to claim it back on your next tax return filing; that means a long wait which may be intolerable in your situation. But it's worth a try to see what options the IRS may make available.

    5. Contact your Members of Congress and seek assistance from the constituency services staff.

    This is your absolute last resort option when:

    • You can't open a new U.S. bank account or an account at a local bank that will cash the check;
    • You don't have any friends or family you can sign the check over to; and
    • You can't wait until your next tax return is filed.

    You can go to this website to find your House representative. You'll enter your zip code for the last place you lived at in the U.S. to find your representative (if you've never lived in the U.S., then use the address of the last place in the U.S. your American parent lived). Go to their website, click on the "constituency services" section, fill in the form with your issue and select the IRS as the agency you'd like your representative to contact on your behalf. A member of staff should reply to your message within 2 weeks.


    Democrats Abroad has received hundreds of messages from Americans abroad unable to cash their U.S. stimulus checks over the last year. When Congress passes legislation implementing the American Rescue Plan, more checks will come. If you are one of those who have been unable to cash a pandemic aid check we recommend you ready yourself for the next round of payments to ensure it can be paid via a bank transfer rather than a U.S. government check, which can be difficult to cash if you don't have a US bank account and your local bank won't cash a US check.

    1. Provide the IRS with a U.S. Bank account using the Get My Payment Tool.

    At this stage, the IRS is not making pandemic aid payments to non-U.S. bank accounts. Democrats Abroad wrote to the IRS 4 times last year asking them to give Americans abroad the option of having pandemic aid paid via electronic transfer to non-U.S. bank accounts; we await a response from Treasury.  

    The next best option to having the aid paid by direct deposit into your local account is to have the aid paid by direct deposit into a U.S. bank account the IRS has on file for you. To send the IRS a U.S. bank account number LOG ON TO THE IRS GET MY PAYMENT TOOL.

    2. Open an online money transfer account and give the details to the IRS using the Get My Payment Tool. is a well-known service that allows you to transfer money between countries, but they can also provide you with U.S. bank details so you can receive transfers directly from the IRS into your Transferwise account. You can then transfer the money to your local account. Although it's free to open a Transferwise account, keep in mind that there might be transfer and exchange rate fees. Also opening a Transferwise account is not the same as opening a U.S. bank account, so they can't cash a check for you.

    We received reports for the first two economic stimulus payments that many Americans abroad provided their Transferwise U.S. bank details to the IRS using the Get My Payment Tool, and they were able to receive the money without any issues. Although occasionally the Transferwise bank details didn't work, which then triggered the IRS to send the payment via check in the mail. So keep this in mind that there is still a risk that it may not work. There are a number of other online money transfer services that offer similar services that might be able to do the same thing, although Transferwise was the main one we heard from members that worked the most often.

  • Americans Abroad and the $600 Economic Stimulus Payment

    Here is the recording of the webinar we hosted on how to obtain the $600 stimulus payment as an American abroad.


    Click here to download the slides from the presentation

  • Help us get RBT into the Democratic Party's 2020 Platform

    As part of efforts to make the Democratic Party's convention the most inclusive and engaging yet, the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) has launched a digital engagement campaign inviting everyone to share what ideas, values, and beliefs they want to see reflected in the 2020 Party Platform.

    The main ways to participate in this campaign are by:

    Democrats Abroad is working to see Residency Based Taxation (RBT) included in the 2020 Party Platform, so that it helps us gain more support in Congress to make RBT a reality.

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    Democrats Abroad will be going to Washington DC to speak to Members of Congress (MoCs) on Wednesday, September 18th to Thursday, September 19th in our continued effort to advocate for a switch from Citizenship Based Taxation (CBT) to Residency Based Taxation (RBT).

    We need your help and support to contact your Members of Congress during our visit to show Congress how important our issues and that they need to take action.

    You are invited to attend this webinar on Tuesday, September 17 at 3pm EST to learn how to contact your Members of Congress in support of our tax advocacy efforts and to ensure your voice is heard!

    Click here to RSVP to attend the webinar
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