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December 17, 2018

Open Leadership Positions - Berlin Chapter Elections 2019

Descriptions of Democrats Abroad Berlin Open Positions 2019-2021

Chapter Chair

  • Vision for chapter growth & development
  • Managing local leadership team
  • Liaison to national country committee (DAG)
  • Liaise with local (American) organizations
  • Represent chapter to public and members
  • Responsible for precincts
    • Finding & training precinct captains
    • Coordinating with precinct
  • Respond to member inquiries
  • Project management/deadlines
  • Manage interns
  • Organize and facilitate meetings
  • Fundraising
  • Perform either Secretary or Treasurer function

Vice Chair

  • Represent the chapter and perform chair duties as needed
  • Perform either Secretary or Treasurer function

Communications and Press Officer

  • Communications
    • Create events on Nationbuilder/website
    • Create events on Facebook
    • Send regular email newsletters to membership (event info)
  • Social media
    • Post relevant political news to Twitter & Facebook
    • Post chapter news and updates
    • Respond to inquiries on Facebook
  • Press
    • Maintain list of & relationships with media contacts
    • Maintain list of press coverage
    • Write and distribute press releases
    • Coordinate with national/international press officers
    • Train local members in talking points and press

Membership/Volunteer Coordinator

  • First contact to new members
  • Maintain list of active volunteers
  • Communicate volunteer opportunities to members
  • Develop new volunteer opportunities
  • Match tasks to volunteers

GOTV Coordinator

  • Coordinate phone banking
  • Organize voter registration events
  • Prepare materials for voter registration
  • Local resource on voter registration details
  • Train voter registration volunteers
  • Support fundraising efforts in non-election years

**All board members are also expected to participate and attend regular board organizing meetings**

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