WILL YOUR VOTE BE COUNTED?

          Three documented Russian hacking methods and a warning from


  1. Russia launched a massive social media campaign to sow discord

              A new version of the old “Divide & Conquer” plan. BE SKEPTICAL AND ASK QUESTIONS.

  1. Hackers went after the Democrats.

                500,000 Voter database records were altered in one state alone.

                Paper and absentee ballots are more likely to be counted. DA ballots really count?

                Request a new registration or ballot to confirm your personal information is correct.

                VERIFY your personal information of record

  1. They breached state and county agencies, too

               Government systems are interlinked – changes in one data base affects others.

              VERIFY your personal information of record– Utilities, Taxing authorities, Licenses

  1. Warning: Moscow is still trying

              We are low hanging fruit. We are NOT SAFE from cyber attacks.


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Nonvoters handed Trump the presidency

Politics (NOTE: Bold, Underlined and Red text added for emphasis)

New data makes it clear:

Nonvoters handed Trump the presidency

By Philip Bump, Washington Post

August 9, 2018

For the full text of the article click this link:

Those who didn’t vote are as responsible for the outcome of the election as those who did.

On Thursday 18 July 2019, though, Pew Research Center released an unusually robust survey ( of the 2016 electorate. In addition to having asked people how they voted, Pew’s team verified that they did, giving us a picture not only of the electorate but also of those who didn’t vote.

This is a summary of the Pew findings:

Factoids worthy of note: (Lessons and call to actions)

30% of eligible voters did not vote.

50% of non-voters were non-white.

56% of non-voters earned less than $30k/yr.

>66% of non-voters were over age 50.

Republicans made up more of the voter pool than the nonvoter pool and, unsurprisingly, broadly supported Trump.

Looking at race and ethnicity, we see how the heavier turnout of white voters affected the contest. Black and Hispanic voters voted much more heavily Democratic than white votes backed Trump, but they turned out less.

Half of the nonvoters were white, 74 percent of voters were white.

12.5% eligible voters under age 30 voted.

<20% of nonwhites without a college education voted.

Groups that preferred Trump were three times as likely to be a bigger part of the voter pool than nonvoters

Groups that preferred Clinton, were about 50 percent more likely to be a bigger part of the nonvoting community