April 21, 2023

DA-Spain April 2023 Newsletter

Message from DA Spain Chair

My spouse and I recently put our aging adrenal glands to the test by spending six hours riding seven different roller coasters and various other rides at the nearest amusement park. I'm pleased to report that they performed well, and we had a blast conquering loops, falls, and twists together. After all, screaming is more fun when you’re doing it with someone.

If you feel like screaming because of the political roller coaster the United States is currently riding on, I encourage you to join us at the Democrats Abroad Spain Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Alicante on May 20. (The fun actually starts on the evening of the 19th and doesn't stop until the 21st). Democrats from around Spain will gather to celebrate, commiserate, strategize, build community, elect new national officers, and vote on proposed changes to our bylaws. Trust me,  there will be plenty of fun activities in the mix.

Details about the AGM and how to register for it appear below, but here’s a piece of information you won’t see anywhere else: the credit for making this meeting happen goes to Alicante Chapter Chair/National Communications Coordinator Daniel Garcia and National Vice-Chair Carlos Colao. Shoutouts to both of them are definitely in order. So, I hope to see you in Alicante in May. We'll be dreaming, scheming, and screaming — all in the name of democracy!

Kathy Tullos, DA Spain Chair


Views on the News

Democratic National Convention to Return to Chicago, a Historic Site of Presidential Conventions

On April 11, our party leadership in Washington announced that the Democratic National Convention will take place in Chicago from Aug 19-22. If proposed changes are approved, primary elections will kick off on Feb 3 in South Carolina, followed by Nevada and New Hampshire on Feb 6, then Georgia on the 13th of that month, followed by Michigan on the 27th. This calendar displaces the previously traditional sequence of New Hampshire leading off, followed in short order by the Iowa caucus. The primary and caucus season will then continue through June.

Quadrennial conventions and their subsequent elections are the only time US political parties carry out truly national political contests. Every other election is decided at individual state, county and municipal levels, all of them with important local and regional impact.

Chicago has been the scene of more Presidential conventions than any other city: 11 times for the Democrats and 14 for the GOP. In the era before widespread air service, the city's central location as a terminal point for both East-West and North-South railroad lines probably played a major part in this selection.

Click here to continue reading the full story.

Announcements & Calls to Action

Come Together with Democrats Abroad Spain in Alicante. Register today.

Join us for the highly anticipated AGM of Democrats Abroad Spain from May 19-21 in Alicante, where we'll elect a new Executive Committee for the 2023-2025 term and engage in stimulating discussions on pressing US issues. The event will include city tours, year-in-review presentations by the Chair, a Coffee Chat for discussing current issues, and celebratory parties at local venues. RSVP now and check out the full AGM event list!


Step Up and Stand Out: Run for Office in DA Spain

Exciting news. DA Spain is holding elections this year, and we need your help. As a volunteer organization, we rely on dedicated individuals like you to keep us going strong. We encourage you to run for the position that interests you most, particularly Secretary, which has no applicants yet. Check out the Job Descriptions and Candidate Application Form and submit by midnight May 3.

Candidate information and absentee ballots will be sent out to all DA Spain members on May 5. Meet the Candidates on May 9 by clicking the link to RSVP. In-person voting will take place on May 20th from noon to 2 pm in Alicante at the AGM. Absentee ballots must be received by midnight on May 19. Celebrate democracy and join us in Alicante!

Caucus News

Hispanic Caucus

Join the Caucus today and become an advocate for issues that matter to the Hispanic community in the United States of America and abroad. The Caucus is open to all DA members and is an opportunity for you to make your voice heard. By joining, you will be part of a group of like-minded individuals who are committed to promoting change and improving the lives of Hispanic Americans. For more information on how to get involved, please contact [email protected].


LGBTQ+ Caucus

Join the DA Spain LGBTQ+ Caucus and be a part of important conversations that matter. In March, our Prideful Caucus and the Global Hispanic Caucus collaborated to host a reading of Patrick Mcfarland’s “Fairy Tale of a Mexican Family,” with members from all over the world in attendance.

Join us on Thursday, April 27, 2023, 7:00 p.m. CET for a Pride Caucus Spotlight on Tik Tok Star Charlie Desi and discussions about life as an openly gay religious man in the Deep South.  Click here for details and to RSVP.

Upcoming topics for May and June events may include a closer look at Drag Queen Story Hour, an event with a very special guest which offers an overview of the dozens of Draconian anti LGBTQ+ laws introduced nationwide, and a conversation with lawmakers focusing on issues that affect the community at large.

Interested in learning more and becoming a member of DA Spain's LGBTQ+ Caucus? Reach out to us at [email protected] today.


Veterans and Military Families Caucus

The Veterans & Military Families (VMF) Caucus has been established by DA-Spain and will be led by Andrew Anderson, a member of the leadership team at DA-Global VMF Caucus. Our mission  is to focus on veteran issues and encourage Getting out the Vote (GOTV) in 2024. Veterans living in Spain will be asked to join VMF and help increase voter turnout among veterans, active duty and reserve military, and military families. Over the next few months, the approved VMF Plan will be implemented by Andrew to ensure maximum voter turnout in 2024. Additionally, Andrew will guarantee that DA-Spain is linked to DA-Global VMF-Caucus issues and events.


Women's Caucus

The Women’s Caucus continues to host interesting events. In April we co-hosted, with the Barcelona Chapter, ‘9 to 5:  The History of a Movement’ with labor leaders Kim Cook and Ellen Cassidy. 

Abortion is once again in the news, and I want to share a few recent articles from MS. Magazine that I found noteworthy. There is some good news and some very bad news. First the good news, from Wisconsin and Michigan: 

And now the very bad news…

Although it's hard for many of us to understand that there is still a debate over women having the fundamental right to control their own bodies, health, and future, that’s where we are in 2023. This is a story worth monitoring closely, as The New York Times predicts that the case over the banning of abortion pills, which has two contradictory rulings, will soon reach the Supreme Court.

On a personal note, as Chair for the Nominations and Election Committee, my energy is being directed towards the DA Elections that will be held in Alicante on May 20. I hope to see many of you there.

I’m always looking for volunteers to help the Women’s Caucus move forward, to keep women’s issues in the spotlight, and to form a community in Spain. If you are interested, please reach out to [email protected]


Click here to learn more about DA caucuses and to join. When you join a global caucus, you automatically become a member of the Spain caucus.


Click here to see all the upcoming Caucus events.

Chapter and Verse



Get ready to have a blast on the sunny Costa Blanca in Alicante, where the DA Spain AGM will be held from May 19-20, with exciting discussions, presentations, and, of course, plenty of fun. Save the dates and prepare to immerse yourself in all the action firsthand! 

But that's not all  — Alicante  is gearing up for our own elections and AGM in June. Keep an eye out on our Facebook group and your inbox for an email detailing the nomination process and timelines. We're looking for passionate and committed individuals to join our team and help us make a difference in our community. So why wait? Get involved today, and let's work together! 

Plus, if you're interested in volunteering for the AGM, send us an email at [email protected]. We’d love to have you onboard.


The DA Barcelona Chapter hosted an event on April 11, together with the DA Spain Women's Caucus, featuring labor activists Ellen Cassedy and Kim Cook, discussing the documentary film 9 to 5: The Story of a Movement. Ellen and Kim shared their experiences from the 1970s women's rights movement and the achievements they made in the workplace, such as better pay, opportunities for advancement, and ending sexual harassment. Thank you to everyone who participated in the event and the insightful conversation.

Our AGM and election of new officers will be held on May 13 at ESERP Business School. All DA Barcelona members are encouraged to attend and participate in electing new officers for ExCom positions: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. If you're interested in running for office, visit here for more information. RSVP here and stay tuned for updates.

Contact us at [email protected]


Greetings, new and old members of Democrats Abroad! Our new executive body has arrived in Madrid, and we're excited for the upcoming presidential election year. We're currently adjusting to our new roles and responsibilities, supported by a highly qualified network. Thank you to all members for contributing to our success. Moving forward, we're developing a timeline to maximize efficiency and efficacy in voter registration and community engagement. Our commitment to fundraising and developing strategies for the presidential election is a top priority. Let's build a unified front. We'd also like to thank Samuel K Mattern, Maggie Zelonis, Reve Fisher, and John Murphy for their excellent service. We'll be attending the AGM meeting in Alicante and look forward to meeting and exchanging ideas.

Contact us at [email protected]

San Sebastian

San Sebastián is looking to get a small leadership team or steering committee going. If you’re interested, please email us at [email protected].




Sevilla Democrats took the penultimate step towards becoming a chapter of Democrats Abroad on March 25, and on April 13 the Executive Committee approved Sevilla’s application to become an official chapter. We gathered in Sabina’s home to hold our first election meeting, which also served as our AGM. We were welcomed on-line by Kathy, Chair of Democrats Abroad Spain, and then we got down to voting. Our first duly elected officers are as follows: Chair: Helen Morgan, Vice-Chair: Sabina Chen, Secretary: Carol Ann Siegel and Treasurer: Caren Goldberg. Now we wait for approval from the Executive Committee.

After the elections and a taste of her amazing apple pie, Sabina led a discussion on where our group goes from here. Everyone agreed that the key to a successful 2024 in Sevilla is building community now. Ultimately, we decided to host a monthly First Friday Coffee, which will serve as an opportunity to get to know each other and connect on Democratic issues. We will continue to hold leadership meetings, for now every other month, which will be more structured but open to everyone. Finally, each member of the executive leadership team will also create an “experience” for us to share every other month. First up is Elizabeth, who will combine a discussion of a podcast with wine at a local woman-owned wine store and bar.

Contact us at [email protected]


Join Democrats Abroad Valencia for upcoming events. Attendees raved about our TAX 101 Seminar with Andreu Bove, which had a turnout of 40 people. Our next First Friday Coffee Meetup will be on May 5 at Salad Planet. Help us celebrate Earth Day with a Beach Clean Up and Picnic on April 22 at 1100 at Patacona Beach. On May 4, we're hosting Understanding the Spanish/Valencian Police at Central de la Policia Local de Valencia at 11:00 am. Learn about civil rights as Spanish residents and policing tactics in Spain. And stay tuned for more information about our Wine and Cheese Tasting Party and Fundraiser on May 13 at 5:00 pm. RSVP for all events on our website.

Contact us at [email protected]

Spain Fun Fact

The Castle of Santa Barbara is one of the most famous landmarks in Alicante. It stands tall atop a hill overlooking the city and has a rich history that spans over 1,000 years. The castle has been a witness to countless battles, including the Battle of Alcoy, in which Moorish troops attempted to storm the city but were driven off with, as legend has it, the intervention of Saint George. But what makes the castle truly unique is the face of the Moor that can be seen on one of its walls. The face was carved by nature, and its expression is often interpreted as being one of defiance. Some even say the face winks at those who are brave enough to stare at it for too long. Whether you believe the legend or not, the Castle of Santa Barbara is definitely worth a visit for its stunning views and historical significance.

In Closing

Give Me Five for Democracy! 

Please consider donating to Democrats Abroad Spain by using this link. And thanks for your support. If you cannot afford to make a donation, consider volunteering your time, or bringing a friend to one of our events.

Have a great month, and see you in Alicante!

Democrats Abroad Spain

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