March 18, 2024

DA-Spain March 2024 Newsletter: Coming Together for Democracy


Message from DA Spain Chair

Kathy Tullos, DA Spain Chair

Hello! Lately I’ve been pondering the words of Walt Whitman, that quintessential American poet whom I deeply admire. One of his lines from "Leaves of Grass'' has been echoing in my mind: "I Sing the Body Electric." This phrase evokes a sense of energy, vitality, connection, and hope.

We, my friends, are the embodiment of that electric spirit!

This electric bond becomes palpable when we come together to strategize and collaborate, like we did at our recent Annual General Meeting. It's present when we gather for social activities, whether it's sharing a meal, participating in trivia nights, enjoying a café con leche and conversation, or writing postcards to American voters. The charge intensifies during phone banking sessions as we exchange stories, united by our shared commitment to democracy. And the surge is undeniable when we cast our votes in the Global Presidential Primary, reaffirming our belief in the power to shape a better nation and defying those who seek to undermine democracy.

We are the body electric, a community that rejoices in togetherness. While you may not read about it in the headlines — decency rarely garners attention — it's undeniably real and thriving in our communities. Join us in celebrating this spirit by participating in the various events Democrats Abroad Spain has to offer across the country. 

Let's keep the energy alive and make a difference together!


Kathy Tullos, DA Spain Chair


Views on the News

Why Joe Biden Deserves a Second Term and is Well Qualified for Re-election.
By Dan Solon, Barcelona

Dan Solon, Barcelona

This year promises to be totally unpredictable, all the way through to next Jan. 6, when Congress certifies the Presidential electoral. There will certainly be some unusual claims along the way. We begin this month with a sterling example, so often provided by Donald Trump, and cited by Paul Krugman in The New York Times. Referring to his own mental acuity, Trump declared "There is no cognitive problem. If there was, I'd know about it." (Dunning-Kruger anyone?). Millions of Americans and other people around the world already know about his mental issues, based on The Former Guy's four years in the Oval Office, followed by three years of delusional claims, covering the "stolen election,” pretensions to absolute Presidential immunity, and almost everything short of the invention of money or the hydrogen bomb.

On the highly explosive abortion issue, the NYT’s Michelle Goldberg reporting on Michigan's Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer's vigorous campaign for women's reproductive rights, quotes Trump as follows: "For 54 years they were trying to get Roe v. Wade terminated, and I did it, and I'm proud to have done it."

He certainly carries a significant share of the blame, having named three of the Supreme Court justices who voted for this travesty, and Democrats should constantly remind voters of that in this year’s campaign.

The story continues online, click to read more.

Chapter, Precinct, and Local News

Celebrating a Successful Event: Global Presidential Primary Recap

Our Chapters and Caucuses, working tirelessly, played a crucial role in mobilizing voters for the successful Global Presidential Primary on March 5. Looking back, it's evident that their efforts paid off, contributing to the success of the event! Each member who actively participated in the GPP not only demonstrated the importance we place on U.S. elections but also highlighted our significance in shaping those elections, both domestically and on the global stage.

This month, enjoy a visual journey showcasing our members in action throughout Spain, capturing the vibrancy and dedication of our community. Together, we've proven that our unified voice leaves a lasting impact.

Click to learn more about DA Spain Chapter and Caucus news and events!  

Announcements and Call to Action

DA Spain Addresses Social Security Suspensions – Share Your Story!

At Democrats Abroad, our commitment to advocating for Americans living overseas extends to addressing pressing challenges affecting our community. We've identified two worrisome trends and seek your valuable assistance in resolving them.

  • Social Security Benefits Suspension: We are aware that some recipients of Social Security benefits residing abroad have faced suspensions due to issues with Form 7162. In certain cases, filed forms have not been received, leading to unnecessary disruptions. If you've encountered such a situation, we would greatly appreciate hearing about your experience. Your insights can help us address these challenges and advocate for smoother processes.
  • Federal Financial Aid Application Changes: A recent modification to the federal financial aid application process has introduced inconsistencies in guidance regarding presenting income earned abroad and tax paid abroad. This change, implemented for the 2024/25 school year, has left many struggling to navigate the application. If you find yourself grappling with this process, please reach out to us. Your feedback will empower us to advocate for clearer guidelines and support for Americans abroad seeking educational assistance.

For both of these crucial issues, our dedicated contact person is Carmelan Polce. She can be reached at [email protected]. Your collaboration is invaluable in shaping positive outcomes for our community. Let's work together to ensure that Americans abroad are heard and supported.

125 Republicans Back 'Life at Conception' Bill – Why Winning the House Matters

In a world where every decision shapes our future, the recent Alabama Supreme Court ruling on frozen embryos underscores the pressing need to champion Democratic values in 2024. With 125 Republican representatives backing a 'life at conception bill' devoid of an IVF exception, the urgency to regain control of the House becomes more evident than ever. Together, let's safeguard our rights and steer the nation towards a progressive path!

A critical step towards securing the comprehensive spectrum of reproductive rights is endorsing the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). Join the movement by signing the national ERA petition at Your support can be the force that paves the way for a more inclusive and equitable future.

Experience the Untold LGBTQ Triumphs with DA Spain's Exclusive Screening of 'CURED'
Democrats Abroad Spain is delighted to announce a private virtual screening of "CURED," an award-winning documentary that sheds light on a pivotal yet lesser-known moment in LGBTQ history. During this event, activists and psychiatrists took on a formidable institution, ultimately securing a crucial victory in the modern movement for LGBTQ equality and dignity. On Tuesday, March 26, at 7:30 p.m., we will host a virtual screening featuring a 25-minute preview of the film, followed by a discussion with the documentary’s Emmy-nominated co-director. Following the live event, the full film will be available for streaming online from March 26–April 2.

Described as "fascinating" (Hollywood Reporter), "riveting" (The Queer Review), "timely and urgent" (Cinerama Film), and "one of the best documentaries of this or any year" (British Film Institute), "CURED" takes viewers inside the David-versus-Goliath battle that led the American Psychiatric Association to remove the diagnosis of homosexuality from its manual of mental illnesses in 1973. You can watch the trailer for the film here.

While this powerful film chronicles a little-known story from the past, its lessons remain profoundly relevant today. Ultimately, the documentary celebrates the pathbreaking contributions of LGBTQ pioneers while demonstrating that, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, lasting social change is possible.

Democrats Abroad Spain is proud to partner with the producers of "CURED" to offer this special event to our community members. More details about this screening will be provided soon, and we hope you will join us on March 26 to watch and discuss this inspiring and timely film! 

RSVP for Cured!:

Mark Your Calendar: Join the Global Women’s Caucus Book Club on March 24!

Are you a literary enthusiast? The Global Women’s Caucus invites you to its captivating book club. Our next virtual meeting, on March 24, will delve into 'Inside the Second Wave of Feminism'. Click on the link to RSVP and become part of a vibrant community where discussions are not just lively but also thought-provoking. Embrace the power of knowledge and shared perspectives: Link to Book Club.

House Parties—A Successful Way to Fundraise for DA Spain

The Democrats Abroad Valencia Fundraising Team has introduced an exciting and innovative program titled "House Parties — Donate for Democracy," which is being promoted and shared with other Democrats Abroad chapters worldwide. The Valencia chapter has successfully hosted two House Parties, raising an impressive $1,050 to date, with lively attendee discussions and inspirational engagement.

A comprehensive and easily accessible resource, the DA House Parties Toolkit provides all the materials necessary to plan, host, and present a successful fundraiser with the support of your local DA chapter. The Toolkit includes a host home tip sheet, a sample invitation template, a general script for the presentation and "ask," a visual slide deck, an attendee evaluation form, a sign-up sheet for future house parties, a post-event thank-you email, and a donation solicitation email for friends and family residing in the United States. Since all materials in the Toolkit are ready made, hosting a DA House Party becomes streamlined, efficient, enjoyable, and rewarding. Additionally, hosts are reimbursed up to $50 for food and drinks provided at the event.

In conjunction with the Toolkit, a pre-recorded training session for House Party hosts and presenters guides them on utilizing and implementing the materials effectively, as well as becoming proficient fundraisers. The training, led by Cari Class, a key member of the team that developed the program based on her 10 years of fundraising experience, instills confidence in bringing the House Party fundraising model to Democrats Abroad chapters as an effective, winning proposition in the lead-up to this year’s general election. After all, democracy is at stake!

In anticipation of the election and upcoming efforts to boost and mobilize voter turnout, it is paramount to generate sufficient financial resources to support Democrats Abroad’s vital work. Moreover, the House Parties serve as an effective means to educate Americans living abroad about DA’s work, enlist volunteers for phonebanking and other voter outreach activities, and increase chapter membership.

Please consider hosting your own House Party Fundraiser! If you have any questions, contact Cari Class through the Valencia Chapter Leadership Team at [email protected].

In Closing

Wishing you a fantastic month ahead, seize the opportunity to enhance your involvement and make a difference!

Democrats Abroad Spain

Many states require that you request your ballot annually. Requesting your ballot takes about 5 minutes.

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