Sunday, October 08

Paris, France

GWC Books Abroad: Good Girls


“This searing memoir from a recovered anorexic, which explores the warped thinking around the illness, should be required reading,” so says The Guardian.

In Hadley Freeman’s analysis, anorexia is a feminist issue.  Why do girls more than boys fall victim to this disease? Why do they succumb to the anxiety that can be fatal?  Her story is revelatory and connects eating disorder with women’s self-image and how girls see themselves in society.  And more, it touches on girls and gender transformation.  Freeman went through this herself – a descent into hell -  and then she spent years doing the journalist’s and writer’s work of researching the issues, all of which she covers courageously and honestly. It is a story hard to tell, and important to read.

For more information on columnist and author Freeman’s latest best-selling book (after The Family Glass and others), Click here for a review in the NYTimes Sunday Book Review.

As of this writing, Good Girls doesn’t exist in paperback.  A few used copies, in good condition, can be found on Momox and other sites (Amazon, etc.)





Sunday, October 08, 2023 at 04:00 PM Paris Time


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