November 26, 2021

Happy Giving Thanks Day

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Allies and Volunteers, Family and Friends, Democrats Abroad...

I want to wish you a Happy Giving Thanks Day and reassure you that we do have cause to be thankful. We as Black Americans understand clearly the myths that were perpetrated about the first Thanksgiving. Still, we celebrate this day as a day to recall our successes during the year, offer gratitude and spend time with friends and family.
I am very thankful for the warm embrace and support given by the GBC Membership and beyond. I am very thankful to all of the great work which is accomplished every single day by our talented and committed volunteers and I am very grateful to have such an amazing Global Black Caucus Steering Committee, which is spread across the whole world and which brings an infinite resource of knowledge and experience to the table, believing in our GBC-Mission to Build and Strengthen our Community & Inspire African-Americans to cast their fundamental Right To Vote. THANK YOU!

Although November has presented us with some difficult days, the last couple of days have given us some hope for the future of justice in America and expands our faith that more people will realize that
Black Lives Matter!

Love and Light
Leedonal (Jazz) Moore