February 24, 2024

Help Hand out tax materials at Democrats Abroad voting centers March 5-12

The Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary from March 5-12 is just around the corner!

If you live near an in-person voting center (click here to check), could you hand out Taxation Task Force materials?

Three easy steps to help:
  1. Contact the local DA leaders hosting the event to ask if you can participate by handing out Taxation Task Force materials at the voting center. They should, at a minimum, allow you to put a stack of materials on a table just outside the voting center so any DA members coming to vote can pick some info up.
  2. Once you've checked and all is clear for you to hand out materials at your local voting center, figure out how long you can commit to attending. Your participation can range from just dropping off the materials up to having a table and being available to speak with people about the work of the Taxation Task Force for the whole time the voting center is open. It's totally up to you!
  3. Download all the resources (link here) and print the materials. Ideally in color, but if you don't have access to a color printer, then black and white is better than nothing. Speak to the voting center to estimate how many people may come through to estimate how many copies to print. Likely 50 of each will do it, not everyone going to vote in person will take one (unfortunately!) Please try to print all materials, but if you're limited, print out materials based on this order: 1) TTF brochure, 2) TTF Info & resources, 3) International TAP Info & resources, 4) Taxpayer Bill of Rights (also available in other languages here).

Please email the Taxation Task Force on [email protected] to confirm if you are interested in helping out and/or want to help but you're not sure how to start - we can point you in the right direction.

This is a great opportunity to raise awareness with Democrats Abroad members face-to-face on our tax advocacy work. It only happens once every 4 years so let's take advantage of this opportunity to spread the word!


P.S. Regardless of whether you can help out, don't forget to vote in the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary. Online voting is open now to March 12.