June 12, 2023

Congratulations Anne Brady, DA-Ireland Counsel!

Anne Brady Named International Counsel for Democrats Abroad 2023-2025

DA Ireland's own Anne Brady has been elected to the esteemed role of International Counsel - Democrats Abroad and is part of this outstanding slate of leaders who will help guide this organization through the critical 2024 election.  We are so proud to have Anne in this role, and look forward to supporting her every way we can!  As far as we can remember in our 26 years, we believe this is the first time a DA Ireland member has held a position on the International Executive Committee.  

Members of the New Excom:

Chair:  Martha McDevitt Pugh (Netherlands)

Vice Chair:  Steve Nardi (Canada)

Secretary:  Karen Frankenstein (Germany)

Treasurer:  Joshua Van Der Plog (UK)

Counsel:  Anne Brady (Ireland)

Regional Vice Chair EMEA:  Jen Rakow-Stepper (Austria)

Regional Vice Chair Asia Pacific: Suma Shamanna (India)

Regional Vice Chair Americas: Hope Bradberry (Mexico)