September 21, 2023

Members Attend our September In Person Meeting at the Brewery in Arva, Co Cavan

With 12 members in attendance from Galway to Dublin to Wicklow -- we kicked off our Strategy Sessions and discussion for the GOTV 2024 Season!  We were treated to the amazing hospitality of Anne and Rich at the Brewery Arva (and their fabulous pizza) as we contemplated the conversation around the upcoming elections, including how we can gain traction as we attempt to register and engage voters across Ireland for the upcoming election!  We talked about issues and strategies for engaging potential new voters and members, and the regions where most voters are congregated.  We will keep our commitment to roadtrip to find voters where they are in Ireland, and even extend our hand to Northern Ireland members who wish to potentially attend DA Ireland events as we did with Ballina.  We will follow up with a GOTV 'Across Ireland Volunteer Session' on October 15th at 7pm - if you are interested in being an early volunteer for our Vote From Abroad Voter Registration Roadshow - please attend this session.  We will also talk about DA's Global Presidential Primary for early 2024!  

We committed to trying to secure events in Dublin, Cork and Galway prior to the end of calendar year 2023 to engage our voter populations there prior to the 2024 kickoff.  

We also talked about upcoming events - including a zoom Medicare session and our annual Thanksgiving event at the Hilton in November.

We look forward to seeing members attend upcoming events as we ramp up activities for the 2024 elections!