January 31, 2020

Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary | March 3-10, 2020

Did you know Democrats Abroad holds its own primary election? We send our own delegates to the Democratic Convention. And we have our say in choosing the Democratic nominee for president. Voting in the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary instead of your home state is easy for you — and good for all of us.

To vote in the Global Presidential Primary, join Democrats Abroad today!

EASY FOR YOU. No need to request a ballot and post it home again. Simply drop into your local Voting Center. Or download a ballot and email it back. You’ll still need to get an absentee ballot for the general election in November. But, for now, join US voters around the world and vote where you live.

GOOD FOR ALL OF US. Concerned about issues like taxation, FATCA, or Social Security? Voting in the Global Primary shows Congress that we’re out here, in our millions, all around the globe. It gives Democrats Abroad the clout to lobby for us all and make a difference.


Vote in Vienna | Super Tuesday
4–8PM, Tuesday, March 3, 2020
Frank's American Bar & Restaurant Laurenzerberg 2, 1010

Vote in Vienna | March 7
12–7PM, Saturday, March 7, 2020
Frank's American Bar & Restaurant
Laurenzerberg 2, 1010 


Voting is also possible by post and email. Details will be sent to all Democrats Abroad members by email. 

NOTE: This is a primary for president only. To vote in local primary races, you can request a ballot from your state. If you do, leave the choice of presidential nominee blank. Don’t vote twice!