October 30, 2020

Ballot Return by Courier

Thanks to the footwork of a Democrats Abroad Belgium member in the European Capitol we now have access to a special offer from FedEx for US voters.

You will need to open an account with a local credit card.

This is a 100% online procedure, like a purchase on Amazon.  Calling FedEX negates the online new account special price. 

FedEx Instructions

  • You will need to open a new account, creating a user id, password, and providing your credit card details. Use this link.
  • The shipping location will be the same as the credit card billing address, so make sure these two match. This does not need to be your address in Spain if you do not have a Spanish credit card. You will enter your Spanish “From Address” when ordering the shipment in the next steps.
  • Once you enter all the information to create an account, you'll get a screen saying your request is processing, and then a second screen saying your registration is complete. Do not click on anything until you have that second verification.
  • On the verification page, you'll see your account details on the left and your shipping options on the right - choose Fedex Ship Manager Lite to send back your ballot. Complete with your Spanish home address in the From Address fields (or whichever address you're asking the envelope to be picked up from) and the address of your Local Election Official/the address on your Ballot Return Envelope in the To Address fields.
  • Select your packaging options. Although couriers usually have FedEx envelopes in their trucks, you might want to choose “Your Packaging” to be safe...but place your sealed and signed Ballot Return Envelope in a larger, plain envelope that you address with the Local Election Official info, in case FedEx places a sticker on that envelope. Remember, you MUST keep your Ballot Return Envelope clean and intact. 
  • FedEx cannot deliver to PO boxes. Please ask your Local Election Official to provide you with their office address. You can find deadlines and contact details for your local election office here: https://www.votefromabroad.org/states 
  • Select a delivery date, time, and rate. You can either drop off or have them pick-up.
  • Complete the customs info - your ballot is considered a Personal document (e.g. letter) and has no value, as it can not be bought or sold.
  • Enter payment information. This should be the information you entered previously while registering with FedEx.
  • Review your shipping details. Check “Email a copy of my shipping label” and enter your email address. If everything is correct, click “Ship”.
  • You will next see a confirmation page. Make sure you print your label by clicking Print Label.