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    Cooking with Jessica - Thai Food

    After the successful cooking events that we had back in the Asian heritage month in May, AAPI caucus decides to continue and organize more of live cooking events featuring guest chefs - letting you into the world of Asian cuisine.

    Not only that you will be tasting your own amazing cooking skills, but you will also be learning new things about our Asian heritage, history, and cultures as well.

    The upcoming event will be held on the 7th of November at 9am Washington DC Time with our guest chef, Jessica Vinyoopongpan.

    Jessica, is a Thai- American living in in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Through many years of traveling around the world, she had discovered the world cuisines and able to convey them to dishes on her own.

    As a result (and thanks to the pandemic), Jessica had developed her passion for cooking, and one of her favorite cuisines to cook is Thai cuisine.

    You can follow her passions and love for cooking, or inspiration on Instagram :


    In this event, Jessica will be demonstrating how to cook a dish called “Larb.”  Larb is a very authentic Thai dish that can be eaten alone or with rice. The ingredients to compose a dish are quite simple and are mainly available in the main chain supermarkets.

    RSVP below for the class - we will send you the ingredient list a week prior the event!

    6:00 AM Vancouver, CA
    9:00 AM  Washington DC
    2:00 PM London, UK
    3:00 PM Brussels, BE
    6:30 PM Mumbai, IN
    8:00 PM  Hong Kong
    9:00 PM Seoul, ROK
    November 07, 2021 at 9:00am
    Washington, DC
    United States
    Google map and directions
    1 rsvp rsvp

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    Medicare Portability Resources

    1. In 1945, President Harry S. Truman called for a national health insurance fund.
    2. In 1962, President Kennedy introduced a plan to create a healthcare program for older adults using their Social Security contributions, but it wasn't approved by Congress. 
    3. In 1964, former President Lyndon Johnson called on Congress to create the program that is now Medicare. 
    4. The program was signed into law in 1965.

    More information on the evolution of the Medicare Program:


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    About Us

    Adrianne James Starla Jazz Antar Adrianne Kenton
    Christian Evelyn Tracie Cedric Derek Tameca Joy


    JazzLeedonal (Jazz) Moore (they/them)

    Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus Chair
    DPCA Voting Rep. DACH
    Texas voter
    Unity through diverse & inclusive Leadership!

    My name is Leedonal Moore and I also go by the name Jazzmin Dian Moore and although I’m from Mississippi, I'm a Texas State Voter.

    I started early on in investing my time and passion in strengthening marginalized communities, especially the African-American and LGBTIQ+ Community.

    For my engagements I’ve received various national and international awards such as the Miss Drag Queen Switzerland 2008 title, European TOLERANTIA Award 2016 and an honorary medal for my outstanding work & activism representing Americans living abroad 2016.

    Democrats Abroad is the community where I feel at home, where I can be who I am and where I can help others register to vote and help execute publishing different deadlines for each state so that people can properly exercise their fundamental voting rights, while empowering the strengths that come with utilizing the strength which lies in intersectionality.

    My grandmother once taught me: Always hear others out, the day you think you know everything, is the the day you have the most yet to learn.

    How can I help?

    Love & Light
    Leedonal (Jazzmin Dian) Moore

    JamesJames Batie Lockett Jr

    Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus Vice-Chair
    DA Hong Kong Black Caucus Lead
    Texas Voter

    James joined Democrats Abroad on May 16, 2020, due to many issues/problems affecting minorities under Trump’s administration. Therefore, James became involved in DA and wanted to be part of the solution and not the problem, and was very active in the local chapter and GOTV in 2020. In July 2021, a bid in the local chapter Treasure was unsuccessful, losing by two votes, but continued to remain active in local activities.


    As the newly appointed Vice-Chair for the GBC James shares the same vision as the Global Chair. In addition, James brings a lot of passion and vibrant energy to the role.   

    James will help the Asia Pacific region to increase GBC membership and chapter formations.  Also, collaboration with other organizations (e.g., Black Lives Matter) that have the same goals as the GBC, to educate Americans abroad on voting rights, social and economic inequality, police reform, and human rights/anti-racism. 

    StarStar (Starla) Goggins

    Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus Secretary
    Michigan voter

    I came to Canada in 1967 from the state of Michigan and moved to Toronto.  Around the 1990’s, I visited the DA Toronto Pride Booth, received information on Democrats Abroad and signed up immediately.

    Being very committed to get out the vote (GOTV) activities and bringing diversity representation to DA, Toronto, and the National Chapter, I served on the Toronto Chapter Executive, chaired a National Election Committee (NEC), served on the Democrats Abroad Affirmative Action Committee, Managed a Voting Centre for the 2016 Presidential Primary, organized volunteer teams, and hosted events. 

    Recently, I joined the Global Black Caucus Steering Committee and serve as Secretary.  One of my key goals is to work towards building DA Black Caucus representation in Canada and Globally. 

    Our voice, and our votes count.

    AdrienneAdrianne George

    Global Black Caucus DNC - Black Caucus Representative
    DA Sweden Black Caucus Lead
    DNC Member
    Washington D.C. voter

    I am super proud to be on my second term as a Democratic National Committee (DNC) Member for Democrats Abroad. I have the distinct honor of representing us as a member of the DNC Black Caucus.

    I am equally proud to be a founding member of the Global Black Caucus. My position as a DNC Member allows me to share all the important work our Caucus is doing with other State parties, as well as secure DNC and Democratic Party surrogates as speakers and panelists for our events. I ensure we are included in the Black Caucus newsletter distributed to each Democratic Party State Chair, as well as collaborate on ways to reach overseas voters. I happily contribute event ideas and materials to our steering committee, lead the Black Caucus in Sweden, and support the Global Black Caucus Chair as necessary.

    AntarAntar Keith

    Global Black Caucus Reparations
    Reparations Task Force Chair
    DPCA Voting Rep. Germany
    Saxony Chapter Vice Chair

    Born to a working-class family in the Bronx, NY, I gained firsthand knowledge of American political disenfranchisement. This consciousness was molded by my father, William “Bill” Keith—poet, teacher, Civil-Rights activist, ally of Malcolm X, and Black Arts Movement avant-garde artist. He was also a two-time victim of predatory policing and mass incarceration. His story inspires a keen understanding that those in closest proximity to pain should be closest to power.

    As GBC Reparations lead, my passion is advocacy for local, state, and federal reparations legislation. Central to this advocacy is the fight for H.R. 40, which would enact a commission to provide the social, political, and economic analysis of trauma inflicted on Black America—and how to repair said damage. Not isolated to slavery or Jim Crow, these traumas cycle into modern legal, educational, medical, socioeconomic, and political discrimination.

    DerekDerek Bembry

    Global Black Caucus Fundraising

    Derek Bembry, a lifelong democrat, was born in 1957 in rural south Georgia to a single mother and largely raised by his grandmother. He remembers segregated schools and neighborhoods with dirt roads that became small rivers when the afternoon rains came. Life was simple and uncomplicated. He moved to rural South jersey at age 11 and life remained simple but there was a tremendous shift in his local surroundings which was filled with immigrants mainly from Italy, Puerto Rico and New York . Learning to assimilate and get along with others was a key survival instinct and Derek learned it well. The two distinctly different environments of GA and NJ were key ingredients in shaping the person he is today, a grandfather to five, father to four in a multi-cultural family that has Mexican, German, Ukrainian and Irish roots.

    It's very hard to have a myopic view of the world at our dinner table, says Bembry with a smile. We all see the same thing with a different set of eyes and experiences. His "open-mindedness" has helped him to craft a 40 year career in several countries for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world including, Raytheon, Exxon, HP, Dell, Amazon and currently Johnson Controls where he hopes to finish his career.

    Life has been good to me!!!

    TamecaTameca Wilkerson

    Global Black Caucus Fundraising Deputy

    In my role as Volunteer to the Fundraising Committee, I hope to help devise and implement strategies of income-generating activities. In my efforts, I hope to celebrate the uniqueness of the Global Black Caucus by bringing together modern, cultural and exciting events with a purpose. 

    Prior to this, I have worked with my local union in MD(USA) on their fundraising committee volunteering to provide events that targeted people from all walks of life. I brought my creative thinking and knowledge to this organization with great success. 

    I am a Special Education Teacher currently working in the United Arab Emirates. This experience has surrounded me with many cultures and nationalities. I work amongst other educators from the United States, and I know they would love to attend any event that is planned for them. I am excited to be a part of this committee and I am looking forward to a great year of successful events.

    TraciTraci Möller

    Global Black Caucus Press / Media Relations

    Democrats Abroad Switzerland Secretary

    I was born and raised in Connecticut, the nutmeg state, but I’m from New York (Harlem’s historic and beautiful Striver’s Row) and proudly vote blue.

    My roots are in New York City where I worked for Vibe magazine before pivoting into a successful career in beauty and luxury PR for brands like CoverGirl, (Schick) Wilkinson-Sword and Rémy Martin.  My communications strategies and mandates often targeted Black Americans and the urban market. Representation matters. I moved to Switzerland in the wake of the 2009 recession for love and stayed for the opportunity to work and raise my son in a dynamic international environment.

    Having been on the front lines of communications during the dot-com downturn and September 11; the Covid-19 pandemic, social justice, the fight for voting rights and January 6th feels eerily familiar.

    Our country is at a crossroads and I am so proud to serve as the Global Black Caucus Press/ Media Relations Lead and deliver clear messaging that define the issues for Black Americans that impact our elections at home … from abroad.

    And when I’m not copywriting or supporting Democrats Abroad Switzerland of which I am Executive Committee Secretary, I love sneakers and stilettos, eating great food even if I have to make it myself taking road trips in my electric car and fashion styling my very trendy 10-year old son.

    The Global Black Caucus is on a mission, I hope you will join us!

    CedricCedric Armand Sumo Tiempo

    Global Black Caucus Press / Media Relations – Deputy
    DACH Member At Large

    I’m an American from Virginia who’s been living in Lausanne since 2014. I’ve been a proud member of Democrats Abroad Switzerland since 2016 and I’ve participated in many voter registration campaigns since then.

    The reason I decided to become a member of the executive committee of DA is because my intention is to help register as many citizens to vote in their local, state and federal elections while living abroad. I plan on convincing them to vote democrat.

    Moreover, having Thurgood Marshall, Martin Luther King Jr and Elijah Cummings as some of my personal and professional inspirations, it only feels right for me to join the global black caucus in a leadership role.

    I’ll do my part to increase awareness, bring justice and improve understanding of our plights as people of African descent.

    ChristianChristian Walker

    Global Black Caucus Communication

    My name is Christian Walker, and I was born and raised in Los Angeles County. I say Los Angeles County because my family is from Los Angeles, CA. I lived in San Pedro, CA; I went to school in Harbor City, Lomita, and Torrance, CA. Finally, I went to California State University Long Beach. In 2019, I moved to London with my partner, and in 2021 we moved to Gibraltar.

    I’ve worked in the entertainment industry for several years, and now I am in the fintech sector. In November 2021, I will receive my MBA with an emphasis in Public Administration from Southern New Hampshire University.

    While living in the States, I volunteered for the California Young Democrats Black Caucus, Black Los Angeles Young Democrats, and the Young Democrats of America LGBTQIA+ Caucus. I believe there is power in numbers. I think that collaboration will achieve all our goals.

    EvelynEvelyn Riera

    Global Black Caucus Engagement
    Global Black Caucus Communication Deputy

    I live in Germany and vote in GA. A third-culture kid with Cuban-American and German roots, I moved from Costa Rica to Germany in 1980 to learn German, my mother's native language, and complete my studies in political economy, and management/vocational education.

    I don't remember exactly when I discovered Democrats Abroad. Sometime after 2008, I decided to focus on using Facebook as a tool to meet and educate overseas voters, and help them vote. Since then, I have been asked to join the admin teams of different groups and pages on Facebook, as well as to be a part of the DA Global Black Caucus Communications Team.

    My deepest desire: To contribute to saving the planet, saving democracy, the best form of government available, and transforming the world in ways that will make it safer, more equitable, and kinder. 

    AdrienneAdrienne Johnson

    Global Black Caucus Advisory Liaison
    DPCA Voting Rep. DAUK , DAUK Black Caucus Chair 
    DAUK - Social Media Team, DAUK - Film Committee

    As a native of the Washington D.C. area, now living in London, I am a product of and value having grown up in a community of Black Americans who excelled in spite of societal attitudes and systemic hindrances.

    I have always been aware that the well-being of Black Americans is inextricably tied to ensuring a prosperous and thriving future for my community and for all Americans. We are still faced with the question of how to fulfill America's promise. Democrats Abroad can help turn the tide. I am pleased to continue as a Global Black Caucus Steering Committee member in order to drive our work forward through dialogue, education, and political advocacy. Training and building a pipeline for emerging leaders remains a priority for me. Effective community organizing requires commitment, grit, truth, context, and vision.

    My Dems Abroad journey started with GOTV canvassing. That led to volunteering for other DAUK committees and event-specific projects such as our annual Independence Day Picnic and Global Presidential Primaries, serving on our Executive Committee, forming and chairing our Black Caucus, and serving as a DPCA Voting Representative. There are so many ways to contribute. The voices and contributions of Black Americans who live overseas are needed now more than ever. I look forward to amplifying our voices and collaborating with all who are aligned with our goal to create an equitable and representative society.

    KentonKenton Barnes

    Global Black Caucus Networking
    Democrats Abroad Germany Chair

    Kenton E. Barnes, born in Toledo, Ohio  graduated from Rogers High School there, and subsequently the University of Cincinnati where he earned a degree in Communications. Kenton moved to E. Lansing, Michigan to work in Public Relations.

    However, after a few years, he enrolled in Michigan State University to pursue BA degrees in Music and German. He went on to do an MA in Choral Conducting and went to Germany as an exchange student  to work on a 2nd MA in German. After finishing his degree, he was hired at the Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena to teach English.  In 2010, he moved to Braunschweig to take a similar position at the Technische Universität, where he received his Ph.D.

    In 2017, Kenton became a member of Democrats Abroad Germany. Since joining he has served the organization as precinct captain, national LGBTQ+ Caucus Coordinator, National Vice Chair, and National Chair.

    JoyJoy Notoma (she/her)

    Global Black Caucus Engagement Deputy

    Joy is a fiction writer and journalist, based in Toulouse, France. Her reporting, essays, and fiction have appeared in CNN, Al Jazeera, Quartz Africa, Longreads, Epiphany Zine, and Zora Mag, among other digital outlets. Before becoming a writer, Joy was an actor in New York City where she performed in theater and film. In addition to her work in the arts, she also has experience in office management, social media strategy, and literacy and theater education. For Democrats Abroad, she serves as the team lead of Books Abroad, the Global Women's Caucus Feminist Literature Group.



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    Major Legislation on Disability Issues


    Americans with Disabilities Act

    Telecommunications Act

    Fair Housing Act

    Air Carrier Access Act

    Voting Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped Act

    National Voter Registration Act

    Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act

    Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

    Rehabilitation Act

    Architectural Barriers Act

    General Sources of Disability Rights Information

    Statute Citations

  • published About Us in Global Disability Caucus 2021-09-19 10:58:53 -0400

    About Us

    Welcome to the Global Disability Caucus (GDC)!

    Founded in 2021, the GDC hopes to speak to and for Amercans with disabilities living abroad. We welcome and encourage the involvement of supporters of our members and our issues. We hope to form an inclusive, diverse, active and effective community which provides fulfilling experiences for all.

    The caucus regularly organizes events about the Americans with disabilities community's history, culture, and issues, so check back often and join the caucus to receive updates via our upcoming email newsletter!

    Meet the Team

    Get to know the members of the Steering Committee - our stories and our goals as Americans with Disabilities and Allies from all around the world. We'll be adding more every month!

    For more information, feel free to refer to our Terms of Reference below.


    Accessibility is when the needs of people with disabilities are specifically   considered, and products, services, and facilities are built or modified so that they can be used by people of all abilities. 

    From Merriam-Webster:


    noun [ U ]

    UK  /əkˌses.əˈbɪl.ə.ti/ US  /əkˌses.əˈbɪl.ə.t̬i/

    the fact of being able to be reached or obtained easilyTwo new roads are being built to increase accessibility to the town centre.

     the quality of being easy to understand: The accessibility of her plays means that she is able to reach a wide audience.

    The quality and accessibility of materials have to be high if there are to be no barriers to learning.

     More examples

    Much of the play's charm lies in its accessibility and simplicity.The theater offers full wheelchair accessibility.

    Terms of Reference for the Global Disability Cacucus (GDC)

    The mission of Democrats Abroad’s Global Disability Caucus is to provide a voice for individuals with disabilities across its global membership. As defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), an individual with a disability is a person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. Democrats Abroad’s Global Disability Caucus will organize a disability rights agenda; work with allies within the Democratic Party and disability rights groups to ensure that all activities and venues are accessible; advocate on proposed legislation addressing disability rights; and educate and empower Democrats Abroad members and leaders about the issues impacting persons with disabilities.

    Disability is a public health issue, with over 1 billion people (or 15%) in the world  living with some form of disability. This number is increasing, in part due to aging populations and an increase in awareness and better diagnosis of chronic health issues. Disability is extremely diverse -- from physical and psychiatric disabilities to learning disabilities, blindness, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders and brain injuries. However, all people with a disability have the same general healthcare needs as everyone else and need access to mainstream healthcare services. The reality, though, is that few countries, including the United States, provide adequate quality services for those with a disability. Prohibitive costs, limited availability of services, physical barriers and inadequate skills/knowledge on the part of health workers are among the barriers faced.

    Democrats Abroad (DA) prioritizes issues that affect U.S. citizens living overseas. These issues begin with the most fundamental democratic right - voting - and extend to taxation, health care, equal rights and more.

    In compliance with requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Government facilities abroad, including DA meeting venues, should be accessible and barrier-free for persons with disabilities. Government policies must reflect the interests of persons with disabilities and special needs. This caucus will work within Democrats Abroad to achieve this endeavor. It will be important that the organization continues to enable full participation in activities remotely, as this answers the challenges to those unable to be physically present.

    We share and adhere to the principles and demands expressed in the platforms of both the Democratic Party and DA regarding persons with disabilities and their families abroad.

    We recognize and appreciate that all of the various groups, ethnicities, persuasions, identities, and beliefs that make up American society are present; we share issues and concerns in common with the other DA caucuses. Discrimination has no place in Democrats Abroad and its ancillary organizations (e.g. country committees, chapters, interest groups, caucuses, etc.), nor the Global Disability Caucus.



    • Reach out to members with disabilities and special needs, as well as their dependents living abroad, to encourage them to register to vote and to engage them in advocacy for our policy positions;


    • Draft and add a plank to the DA Platform addressing the needs of Americans with disabilities living abroad; 


    • Provide a forum for DA members to understand better the issues and concerns affecting persons with disabilities inside and outside of the United States;


    • Introduce and encourage American Sign Language (ASL) and Professional Live Captioning (CART) at DA global meetings, town halls, webinars, as well as regional, country and chapter meetings;


    • Introduce and ensure DA social media platforms follow digital accessibility guidelines for persons with disabilities by using alternative text for DA images and DA GIFs, caption, audio descriptions and transcripts of DA videos;


    • Introduce and ensure, Drop-in-Voter-Assistance and Voter-Outreach efforts follow digital accessibility guidelines and are better suited for Americans with disabilities living abroad;




    • Facilitate get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts for U.S. Citizens with disabilities; and also develop sensible and sensitive GOTV strategies for encouraging persons with disabilities living overseas;


    • Advocate for expansion of accessibility laws for voters with disabilities and hospitalized voters across the United States;


    • Exchange information and concerns with other DA caucuses and interest groups regarding relevant issues and shared concerns to ensure that, as they impact members with disabilities and their families, they are communicated among the broader DA community for a successful joint response;


    • Ensure that all meeting venues for Democrats Abroad and Vote From Abroad are accessible and barrier-free in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements (e.g. wheelchair accessible with use of ramps, elevators, etc.).


    • Organize participation in International Day of Persons with Disabilities, International Ataxia Awareness Day, Autism Awareness Month, Mental Health Month and other landmark days of historical significance for persons with disabilities in the U.S. and host countries of U.S. Citizens living abroad;


    • Establish and maintain contact with other American political organizations to find areas of joint concern regarding persons with disabilities;


    • Always strive to improve the DA Platform and organize advocacy efforts towards U.S. law and policymakers for issues pertinent to persons with disabilities, and their families living abroad;


    • Work with DNC Disability Council, Municipal, County and State Democratic Parties to ensure that there is a platform that represents Americans with disabilities;




    • Work within the DA structure and its rules;


    • Report to the DA International Chair and/or the Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA) Executive Committee at regular intervals; seek and follow guidance from the International Chair and the International Chair's designees prior to making public comments, posting statements on a website or social media, or engaging in projects such as GOTV, guest speakers, or events coordinated with local groups of Democrats Abroad;


    • Coordinate with other DA caucuses and councils;


    • Undertake leadership development of GDC members and encourage our members, especially those who are persons with disabilities, to run for DA leadership positions including, but not limited to, delegates to the Democratic National Convention and country committee leadership roles;


    • Help country committees and local chapters interested in creating a GDC and support for their caucus activities;


    • Communicate with members and conduct meetings on a regular basis (at least quarterly) and publish a GDC Newsletter;


    • Work with the DA IT team to create and maintain a dedicated GDC webpage on the DA website in accordance with digital accessibility guidelines;


    • Utilize social media in accordance with digital accessibility guidelines; 


    • Urge GDC membership and all U.S. citizens abroad to vote in all U.S.-based elections and primaries when eligible to do so; and


    • From time to time, review and update the GDC’s Terms of Reference for submission to the DPCA Executive Committee for approval;




    Confirmed membership in the Global Disability Caucus shall be restricted to members of Democrats Abroad. 


    GDC members will be encouraged to participate in DA fundraising activities.


    The Global Disability Caucus shall operate under the supervision of a Chair who, in turn, should:


    • be appointed by the International Chair, as defined by the DPCA charter, with the approval of the DPCA Executive Committee;
    • generally serve a two year appointment, which terminates at the end of each DPCA Executive Committee cycle; however, caucus chairs may be removed earlier if the Executive Committee of the DPCA deems this removal to be necessary;
    • appoint a Vice-Chair, who is not of the same gender identity and resides in a different country from the Chair, and a Secretary.
    • form a Steering Committee consisting of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, a representative from each of the three regions representatives; and possibly three members-at-large representing a diverse population of members.
    • Any member of the steering committee may resign at any time by written notice to the Chairperson.
    • Any member of the steering committee who has either (1) missed two scheduled meetings without notice to the Chairperson or (2) missed three scheduled meetings within any six month period, may be removed by a ⅔ vote of the steering committee based on quorum.The vote will be held at a regularly called meeting where the subject of such removal is on the agenda sent out in advance and, at which, the member is given reasonable opportunity to explain the reasons for their absences.


    • form Working Groups, led or co-led by a member of the Steering Committee:
    • The Standing Working Groups of the Global Disability Caucus are: Communications, Country Committee Liaison, Legislative Tracking, Events, Awareness & Education, Research & Resources and IT.  Other ad-hoc Working Groups may be initiated by the Chairperson.
    • Heads of the Working Groups will be appointed by the Chair with a simple majority vote approval of the steering committee, based on quorum.
    • Working Groups may be dissolved at any time by the Chair, with approval by a simple majority vote, of the Steering Committee, based on quorum.
    • A quorum of the steering committee shall require the Chair or Vice-Chair and 
    • a simple majority of the remaining members of the steering committee.
    • participate in monthly caucus leaders’ meetings and provide updates on caucus activities; and in the event the Chair or Vice-Chair are unable to attend, efforts will be made to ensure that a designated member of the caucus is present;
    • ensure the GDC follows the rules of the DPCA charter, and is considered wholly a subcommittee under the DPCA and the ExCom;
    • ensure activities are aligned with the GDC’s terms of reference;
    • consult with the Democrats Abroad International Chair/ExCom as necessary;
    • (the Chair) along with the Vice-Chair and Secretary, have GDPR certification to help ensure that Global Disability Caucus member records are protected and treated in accordance with Democrats Abroad’s Privacy policies;

        send at least one representative of the Caucus to each DA Annual General Meeting, either in person or online, and  provide the membership with caucus updates.

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    Welcome to the Global Disability Caucus!

    Welcome to the Global Disability Caucus (GDC)!

    Over 1 billion people across the globe live with a disability.  

    We speak for them.

    The mission of the Democrats Abroad Global Disability Caucus is to provide a voice for individuals with disabilities across its global membership; to help organize the group’s agenda; to work with allies within other Democratic parties and disability rights groups to ensure that all activities and venues are accessible; and to educate and empower Democrats Abroad members and leaders about the issues impacting individuals with disabilities.  Our members are not only persons with disabilities but also their allies.  We all believe that




    • Provide a voice for individuals with disabilities across Democrats Abroad global membership.
    • Ensure that the organization is fully ADA compliant.
    • Advocate on proposed legislation addressing disability rights.
    • Educate, empower and activate Democrats Abroad members and leaders about the issues impacting persons with disabilities.
    • Facilitate GOTV efforts for Americans with disabilities living overseas.

    Join Us!  Sign up to get news and information or volunteer to join our team!  Click JOIN THE CAUCUS button!

    An individual with a disability is defined by the ADA as a person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, a person who has a history or record of such an impairment, or a person who is perceived by others as having such an impairment. The ADA does not specifically name all of the impairments that are covered.

    CDC describes 7major categories of primary barriers to participation for people with disabilities - they are described in this article and listed below.

    1. Attitudinal
    2. Communications
    3. Physical
    4. Policy
    5. Programmatic
    6. Social
    7. Transportation

    You can write to us at [email protected].

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    Reparations Task Force

    Democrats Abroad and the Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus are now committed to meeting the rising challenges facing Black Americans through a collective push for the acknowledgement, redress, and closure for Black trauma in the U.S. 

    Do this we must, for time is short.

    Heeding the call for real action in the face of structural racism, Democrats Abroad has powerfully thrown its weight behind the Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act—known as H.R. 40. This bill would enact a commission to begin researching how Black Americans have suffered under racialized terror and political suppression and would then make recommendations for redress.

    As a State Party Reparations Task Force (one of only two in the Democratic Party), our first goal is to create ties with, and provide support for, existing task forces and advocacy groups, share data, and work together to create greater awareness and demand for reparatory justice for Black Americans. As Americans abroad, we exist in a particularly advantageous niche as the only Reparations Task Force with a global purview on U.S. Reparations legislation. It’s time to leverage this invaluable perspective and context to the advantage of democracy, justice, and reparative legislation.

    In support of such legislation, the RTF supports and seeks to advocate and educate for the measures called for in the 10-Point Reparations Plan of the National African-American Reparations Commission. Please see the 10-Point Plan here.

    As a global-level task force, our ultimate goals are to:

    1. Coordinate interdependent relationships with all global and country-level DA caucuses to
    2. Engage with stateside local, state, and federal Reparations Task Forces and Initiatives through exchange of data and statistics;
    3. Utilize the unique and global reach of DA to produce data-driven papers examining political support and activism of Americans abroad for reparations;
    4. Submit research papers to stateside pro-Reparations congresspeople concerning political leanings and attitudes on reparations;
    5. Coordinate educational initiatives on topics of significance for Black cultural heritage and collective memory, voter mobilization, and activist campaigns behind municipal, state, and federal reparation policies, programs, and political candidates.

    The RTF is looking for Democrats Abroad members who are driven and motivated to jump into the fight for full reparatory justice for Black Americans. We are looking for volunteers who wish to support H.R. 40 and all other American reparative legislation at the local, state, and national levels.

    If you are interested in getting involved in this fight for justice, please send an email to [email protected] indicating your name, country committee, and what reparative justice means to you and why you are passionate about it.

    My name is Antar Keith, a DPCA Voting Representative from Democrats Abroad Germany, and Chair of the Democrats Abroad Reparations Task Force (RTF). The RTF is looking for volunteers to join the fight for reparative justice in America for Black Americans. If you want to know more about this important task force, then please keep reading.

    We live in an era of hyper-focused politics, where scores of local, state, midterm, and general elections are now decided by razor-thin margins. These margins are being increasingly reduced through a powerful, tech-savvy form of structural racism—reinforced by a national reluctance to address the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, and modern white supremacy. 

    This system has grown to permeate many American institutions and policies—from statutes to law enforcement to the economy.

    Although shocking, these devastating tactics are nothing new. They are the latest and most sophisticated iterations of a generations-old threat. Beginning with chattel slavery, racism has continued to adapt to the times, embedding itself into state legislatures in the post-Reconstruction Jim Crow era, creating the infamous racial wealth gap. This gap, in turn, has in so many ways both led to and enabled today’s triple inequality of predatory policing, mass incarceration, and Black voter suppression. 

    Republican-led efforts to defend and even increase legacy tactics for discrimination have, for the last 50 years, dramatically altered the playing field for Democrats and now threaten to undermine voting rights, Civil Rights, and American democracy itself.

    The primary target of these threats have historically been Black Americans, resulting in today's racial disparities in educational, legal, civic, and healthcare experiences in America. As stated earlier, however, these threats are only the latest iterations of a long American legacy, lasting over hundreds of years and—if no policy action is taken—risks outlasting each one of us for hundreds of years more. Americans of all backgrounds working together, however, can begin the process of reversing each of these disparities one by one through legislative reparative policy action.

    Join our Reparations Task Force Team!

  • published The Heat Wave in News 2021-08-12 20:30:04 -0400

  • The Freedom to Vote

    The USA has taken a lot of steps recently to address AAPI issues.  President Biden signed the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act into law, Illinois has required public schools teach Asian American history, and California has set aside $156 million to community groups to tackle the root causes of Asian hate.

    We need to wield political power to continue this trend, and this means we need to VOTE.  We turned out in historic numbers to elect President Biden and the current House as well as many Senators. But state legislatures have created voting restrictions that disproportionately affect voters of color — limiting absentee voting, purging voter registration lists, closing polling sites, reducing voting hours, and even criminalizing handing out food and water to voters waiting in line.

    These laws are creating obstacles to our voting process and limiting accessibility to the polls for those who need it most. They don't protect voters or our country’s electoral process.  Instead, they create doubt and try to undermine confidence in the democratic process, reinforcing divisive political tactics that prioritize the voices of some citizens over others. 

    It is disappointing that as we approach the 56th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, we are still fighting for our freedom to vote. But we cannot give up, and we cannot stop now. The ability of every individual to have a say in our political process is the keystone of our democracy; it is the key tool for AAPIs to continue the progress we have made towards reaching equity for our communities and stopping Asian hate. If we cannot act now, we may not have another chance.

    Join us and take action today.  

    Look up who is is your is Senator here.

    Call them and use this script (feel free to adapt if there’s anything else you’d like to discuss):

    Hi, my name is [Name]. I am a constituent from [City/State], [ZIP Code].

    I am calling to urge Senator _____________ to please vote in support of the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. Voter suppression is a shameful reality in our country. The ability for everyone to meaningfully participate in our democracy and the need for legislative action is urgent. Congress needs to pass H.R. 1 and H.R. 4 now. These bills are popular. In fact, 8 in 10 Americans are in favor of the provisions in these bills. Again, I urge the Senator to support these bills and do what it takes to protect our freedom to vote. Will Senator ___________  be voting in support of the For the People Act?

    Thank you for your time.

    **Text Adapted from the Asian & Pacific Islander Americans Vote newsletter, July 29, 2021

Global IT Team, AAPI Steering